Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cutting Edge Humans

An alarm bell sang out all morning in the neighborhood here: “pay attention”, “pay attention”, “PAY ATTENTION”, “PAY ATTENTION!!!” With each blast, a peacefully gorgeous day is interrupted.  The contrast is startling.

The sparrows too, tap and chirp incessantly from the wires and the gutters and the rooftops – sending Morse code sequences of warnings.  What is the message?

After a while, the screaming laughter of schoolchildren unravel part of the story.  Not a real alarm, but a hand-held siren as part of an end of the school year field day.  Yet the birds have not given up.  What is it that beckons my awareness?

I can speak to what is happening internally.  Physically, there is a sense of exhaustion, as if I can go no further.  Emotionally and spiritually solid, I wonder about the contrast.  Is this a metaphor for what is happening on a global scale?

Years ago we heard of a time to come when we’d choose; some stories describe multiple earths.  Perhaps this was an attempt to describe what we are feeling and living right now.  The densest parts of us are working like mad to catch up with the changes happening seamlessly to the parts of us not so 3D.  We are One.  What that feels like right now is akin to puberty.  Do you remember?

Parts of you would morph, seemingly overnight.  And the other parts?  Not so much.  There were days my body felt like Frankenstein – tall, clumsy and pieced together awkwardly.

The rapid acceleration in frequency leaves a wake of energy in its path – it is here, where the rest of us hangs on, desperate to catch up so some sort of stasis can be achieved.  My body is working so very hard to speed up and blend in harmony with my spirit – its exhausted.  My spirit is sort of taking off, unencumbered and excited for the next part.  All of me is not in sync, as the element of 3D “time” is worked out.

Some changes are instantaneous; its important to notice them.  Habits of speech and patterns of repetition can set you back or hold you up or both. Constant vigilance is so very effective now.

These changes are unprecedented.  We won’t find them in the medical journals or history books.  This is “cutting edge technology”.  Actually, you are “cutting edge humans”.

You heard of the potential for change and the possibility of liberation and eventual Unity realized, and you jumped right in.  You did not hold yourself back or refuse to assist.

On the contrary, you joined the team, stood in front and raised your hand.  This is what we signed up for.  First to sense and accommodate these new energies; we’ll stand as powerful examples of high vibratory humans.

It doesn’t feel like that yet maybe.  The alarms are ringing and nature itself seems to be announcing the shift.  You can feel it right down to your toes.

This week has gone by soooooooooooooo sllllooowwwwwwllllllyyyyyyyyyyy…………….  It feels like a precursor to a sudden jolt.  Up until this week I could barely keep up – so change is upon us once again.  The last time I felt like this was March 15th, 2015.  Things shifted suddenly on that day for sure. Perhaps this time we’ll create a gentler shift.  This 3D suit could use a quick upgrade to keep up with the speed of these rapidly moving energies.  Perhaps this gradual lead up will bring us closer to Unity in a clear and concrete way.

We are most certainly changing, that much is clear.  Every part of what’s in your world is blasting that message – today it is loud and insistent. 

“Pay Attention!” These discomforts, weirdnesses, aches and insights are not business as usual.  There is no usual.  There is only now.  As we re-describe each now, new ideas get introduced.  This, so that understanding comes and more is accepted.

All healing and growth happens while we sleep.  Don’t be afraid to take a nap.  Maybe two naps.  We’ll wake up stronger and unified and ready to rock. 

This is why you are here.  So the rest of us can see how it’s done. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Much love,

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