Monday, June 15, 2015

Freedom Expressed

It has been hours, along with numerous tossed out pieces of beginnings this morning. Yet still I have no clue where to start.

I am hosting a love quest. That much is certain. There’s an unquenched thirst in me that gets satisfied here. A part of me that gets loved through this loving.

A learning about love happens on these trips in the most unexpected places.

I think that I am loving you, yet in truth it is me that gets the benefit. These words fill me up.

I’ve learned that I can love without seeing you, feel without hearing you and know without meeting you. This, only possible if I AM you.

We are ONE. We exist everywhere; in every body. The Netflix Series AK mentioned, Sense8, visually demonstrates an idea of multi-dimensionality. I’ve only seen the first one and am pretty much perplexed. Yet I get it. We are everywhere.

It only takes a sitting down, a sharing, and intent, for you to realize that you know this. You know the other. You’ve been the other. In the case of Sense8 – you ARE the other.

We are ONE beyond physical and beyond trite expressions. I cannot love you if I don’t love me.

I didn’t know this before. I thought I loved you for reasons. There are no reasons for love. Love is a fact.

You can’t see it, smell it, taste it or hear it. Love is as I AM.

I want to tell you how extraordinary you are. How each note sent, every thought shared, all things given and whatever you show up as is the most wondrous thing. I feel you as you read these words and the gift of your reaction explodes in my heart. We give without restraint or even comprehension as we feel each other – this is love expressed.

Love is perhaps the only place we completely agree. This, because the connection starts and ends there.

You are remarkable. You’ve come to a place of contrast and conflict in order to embody its opposite – oneness and unification. All this in slow motion. Every feeling, deeply felt; each heartache, painfully lived through. You are not masochistic. You are determined.

There are few others in all of creation admired such as you. You are brave, strong and attempting the miraculous while blindfolded. Your intent and determination got you here. Your love and power will see you succeed.

And what is success? I was given a locket years ago which states: “A true Master is not the one with most students, but the one who creates the most Masters.

This is your task now, (if you are looking for direction). You know your truth. You are love.

Bits of love emerged when Source chose to experience every facet of itself. You, a bit of Source, a fragment of brilliant light, a piece of eternity. Love without end, looking back at you in your bathroom mirror.

Reflect back to me, to us, your love. Every moment is rich with opportunity. Move deliberately so as not to miss your chance.

Love yourself. Amidst the bills and the struggles, the longings and the pain – remember. You chose and were chosen for this very moment. This string of moments, your Now; the stage for only you.

We are watching. We need you to remind us of our truth. The overwhelming need to feel wanted, safe, secure, accepted and respected is always there, beneath our bravado, hiding in our humor. Show us our love. Be who it is that you are. The express nature of you is but a tiny portion of eternity, holding all of creation in its grasp.

And what is eternity? Ever reaching, always expressing, passionately embracing – it is freedom. It is life without bounds. It is love without restraint. It is what we will explore on this quest.

Freedom is the embodiment of Oneness. To fight for freedom is a game played by some. To embody freedom is sovereignty; Unity has no enemy to fight. We are One.

We are the ones we are waiting for.


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