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Heavenletter #5317 God Glows Even in Darkness on Earth

Heavenletter #5317 God Glows Even in Darkness on Earth
June 15, 2015

God said:

Pledge that today you will reveal yourself in all your glory. Intend this. See what happens.

You have predicted days when you will be in a slump. Now predict today as a day you will be Who you really are without all these other damaged pictures of you. Whatever you may think of yourself, today reveal the picture I have of you. You realize, dear ones, that My picture of you is authentic. The picture the world thinks you match is irrelevant, and it is not the Truth of you.

The Truth of you is, indeed, glorious, as glorious as the Sun. I made the Sun, and I made you a Shining Light as well. Would I, Who made the Sun, the Stars, the Moon and all Light make you less? Would I make you something else altogether? The same light that shines in Me shines in you. God shines. You shine. Everything has a God Glow to it. It cannot be otherwise.

Good grief, if mankind can make automobiles that sparkle and shine, I certainly can make My Greatest Creation shine brightly. Even pools of water shine in My Light, to say nothing of the Ocean Petals of Light. Do not misunderstand My Power and the Extent of Creation. In fact, there is no extent to what I can do. I am Infinite, and Infinite are the Realms I have created.

You are not only Light. You are Infinite Light. No longer dim the appearance of the Light You Are in your eyes. Speak for Truth. Engage in the world as the Lighted Being you are. You are not to gather dust on the shelf.

Your Voice is to shine. Your Thoughts, your Words, and your Inner Being are to shout out: “Here I am.”

And you are to know that you shine Me brightly.

Do not think you are to be somber. Heavens’, no. I am profound yet not at all somber. You act the part of a somber Being. Remember that you are an Enlightened Being. I see your Light. Now see your Light. Light is not dimmed. Light is not intended to be dark. There are no shadows in Heaven.

Where I live is a Lighted Palace. All is Light. You are the Light of which Angels are made. Oh, no, you do not have to be goody-goody. Not at all. See with My eyes, and you will bless the Earth and all those who set foot upon it.

There is nothing wrong with your Vision, beloveds. You just haven’t dared see what is right before you to see. Your mind has made a decision as to what it can see, and, so, your vision is blurry. You can only see what you believe you can see. Oh, yes, every once in a while, you are caught off guard, and you see beyond the so-called ordinary. You perhaps dismiss it.

I am, of course, speaking of inner seeing. You are capable of seeing right to the Center of My Heart. The Truth is that there is nothing you cannot see except that you turn your head aside.

You may say to yourself subliminally: “You, idiot, don’t get too big for your britches. Don’t try to turn a turnip into gold.”

What you have done at the behest of the ignorant world is to turn gold into a turnip. You have practiced and practiced this art of turning gold into a turnip. You have gotten quite good at it. Now become skilled in the reverse. Gold is what you are made of, and you are to reveal yourself to the world and to your Sense of Self. What you can do later, you can do now. Open your eyes wide now.

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