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My 'Acting' Part In This Play

Updated: 6/30/2015 I meant to post this weeks ago and it got way laid in the blog draft folder..., the original post below my commentary was from rumormillnews.com where many of Cobra's interviews are posted. -AK

There's a thread at Rumor Mill News sparked by a reader of that blog concerning one of COBRA's recent messages. And he's right there is a good deal of duality of us vs them in those messages which is apparent from the comment of "throwing the dark ones into the Central Sun", and the planet being "infected" with them.  

I believe Cobra is sincere. I've met him in person.  I believe he's trying to make a difference. I also believe I see growth in the man.  He is a spokesman for a hidden group that calls themselves "the Resistance", which he purports is a coalition Pleiadians and Planet X refugees.  My former blogging associate D. long claimed that 3D Pleiadians were embedded in Canadian Military and at some US Military bases. I don't know if all the views Cobra expresses are his own or the group he speaks for, much like Benjamin Fulford in that way I suppose. I do know Ben is used to send messages to other groups.  

He's not alone in that regard to that use of verbage.  Sheldan Nidle's "Rapscallions", "dark rascals" other adjectives are in every Sheldan Nidle update post.  If its a miltary objective just do it.. why the need to sway humanity with demonizing verbage?  Perhaps they need consent for something else in that agenda bag?  I actually like Sheldan's wife's newsletters more than Sheldan's posts.  The more I read of  Sheldan's Ascended Masters the more I hope I don't meet one. I say that in jest because as I became aware that in my own multidimensionality (which we all are as part of Source - not saying I am unique at all...), there appears to be an aspect of me is one of those - and I love him no matter what. But they, of all people, should know better.   Lots of talk about light but not a lot of talk about love and Oneness. 

Its amazing to see how many people are waking up from the illusion of duality... and its interesting to me that Cobra has sparked this discussion unwittingly.  Whatever role we play, one thing is certain is that Source works it for the good of all.   Fascinating reading the responses... as they are similar to the ones I have had for some time.


Well there'd been some energy sucking beings going thirsty that is for sure!  And that's a wake up call they've been dreading for sometime.  And some of them are not looking so good as it is.  Hey restructuring is a bitch... but change happens. Could always get all the energy they need from Source through their heart in pure love state...

I like to think of the "dark ones" as snarling sheep dogs, that make sure NOBODY gets comfortable with the illusion of separation inherent in duality... and when I look at that way... you gotta admire their the persistence of them in face of a losing script... and the mathematical certainty that LOVE triumphs and everyone comes home.

Can we get a new script writer please? You can always rewrite your part! This response below is quite good and I thought I'd share it.



My 'Acting' Part In This Play

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Saturday, 30-May-2015 14:38:45

At first, I was not going to post regarding Tenavision's post, as I did not want to become connected to my 'character's' judgement in this Play made by the Global Elite (whomever). Would it be that everyone be as one who behaves as if acting a part in this Play, whether we know it or not? It be how the people in the play be manipulated as 'characters' to follow the script set out by the 'whomever', that determine how connected we become to our 'characters' as one who behaves as if acting a part in this Play. Eh?

To be the butterfly. To become the person who sees something happen, to watch and sometimes also to listen carefully to the person who acts in a play or movie, and also oneself, without emotion, without judgement. That does not mean that is to accept what the Play script says. No?

With the gun pointed at the head, the 'whomever' want us to be afraid, so that we become dependent on our 'character' in the script of the Play to be as survival. My happiness is not determined by my 'character's' script in the Play. I am 'disconnecting' from my character in the 'holographic play', and, as one who behaves as if acting a part in this Play, become like the butterfly.

Ah yes, but what if they killed all the 'butterflies'. What if?.........I have become aloof, dispassionate, inside, unbiased, unprejudiced, impartial, nonpartisan. That does not mean I will not help someone in the distress.

That is to say, I am really trying not to be influenced by personal feelings or opinions when considering something done, said, or performed. But then, I see right now that I am doing what I really did not want to do, that is to become 'connected' to whomever's (G.E.) script in the Play, as a 'charactor' of the person who acts in a play or movie.

To be the person to listen carefully to the script, who sees something happen, and to observe oneself as one who behaves as if acting a part in a play, so as to be able to save oneself.

But, as a nobody, as one who behaves as if acting a part in this Play, I am observing myself on this mystic voyage, so as not to become a 'character' like in a play or movie. To see 'who' doing what to 'who', in the 'far away' space/ time in this movie play, and yet to remain disconnected from the emotions of my 'character', so as to be able to keep safe, and to be able to save myself from harm or danger.

I smile at my acting part in this Play. Yes, the 'script character' trembles when I laugh.

“Where are you going Robert?” 
Nowhere, yet everywhere. 
“You seem so... distant, ...and why are you laughing?”
Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a man who worked for the telephone company. This man worked many years at the telephone company, and over time became proficient in the many aspects of his work at the telephone company. 
One day this telephone man had to do some work out in the countryside on a piece of telephone equipment that was enclosed in a big metal case. The work that was to be done was only to be done at night time, when there was less telephone traffic running through this equipment. But this telephone man did not want to work at night, so he developed a way of doing it in the day time without anyone knowing he was there. 
So, this telephone man arrived at this piece of telephone equipment in the country side, parking his truck beside it, just off a paved road. About a hundred feet away was a house and a barn, the adjoining fields had been freshly cultivated, and in one field could be seen the sprouts of winter wheat coming through the ground. The telephone man prepared to get things ready to work on the telephone equipment, for he had to change a printed circuit board inside it, which involved a momentary interruption of telephone service through the equipment. He took a big metal case out of his truck that contained spare printed circuit boards, and he took out his testing meter and placed them on the ground in front of the telephone equipment. He unlocked and opened up the doors of the telephone equipment, quickly bypassing the door alarm circuit to stop it from being sent to the telephone company's control centre in another city. For he did not want anybody to know he was there, because what he was doing was against regulations. 
The telephone man then took his testing meter to take certain measurements, so that he could do a before and after comparison tests, just to make sure that everything was okay after he changed this particular circuit board. The telephone man was hunched over with test probes in his hands ready to take measurements, when the telephone equipment in front of him disappeared, along with the hydro panel beside it. Gone also in this same instant was the house and barn, and the adjoining cultivated fields, and the metal case containing the printed circuit boards, his testing meter, and his truck. He looked and saw that he was standing in a field with long grass and trees, and beside a dirt trail ten feet away. 
Still standing hunched over, he saw a horse and buggy coming toward him on the dirt trail. The horse was at a slow trot, not really running fast. A man on the buggy had a dark coat and pants, white shirt, something like a bow tie, and a wide brimmed black hat. The buggy with four wheels had a top on it, but was open all around the sides. The telephone man caught the eye of the man on the buggy. As the horse and buggy got closer and closer, the man kept turning his head towards the telephone man standing, hunched over in the field. Likewise, the telephone man kept turning his head as the horse and buggy got closer. It appeared that the telephone man and the man on the buggy were eyeball to eyeball staring at each other. 
Just as the horse and buggy got up to ten feet away where the telephone man was standing, both men staring at each other in wonder, the horse and buggy with the man on it was in an instant replaced by a garbage truck going the other way on the paved road. The telephone man looked, and there was the telephone equipment, his testing meter with the test probes back in his hands, the metal case with the printed circuit boards, his truck behind him. There was the house and barn a hundred feet away with the adjoining cultivated fields. Gone was the man with the horse and buggy. 
The telephone man became perplexed, not understanding what had happened. After a moment the telephone man packed up his testing meter and the metal case with the printed circuit boards and put them back in his truck. He then closed the doors on the telephone equipment, making sure that he removed the bypass of the alarm. He got into his truck and drove to a certain restaurant, and stayed there for a long while, drinking coffee. The telephone man had become fearful of what just happened. For a bit, he even thought God was punishing him for not following regulations. 
Returning to work in the following days, the telephone man became very careful at what he did----following all the rules and regulations. For his thinking was he did not want to be punished by God again. He did not want his family and friends to disappear from his life. He told no one about what had happened, for he was afraid, and still did not understand. 
In the weeks that followed the telephone man would at times think about what had happened on that day. He became less fearful of what happened, but became more curious of how this thing could have happened. 
About six months or so later, this telephone man had to go back to this particular piece of telephone equipment in the country side. His supervisor wanted him to check the cooling fans and the heater of the unit. When he arrived at the place his thoughts went back to what had happened before. It was at this time a sudden realization came over him. For he suddenly realized that at that time six months before, the telephone equipment, his testing meter, the house and the barn with the adjoining cultivated fields, that they all didn't disappear at all. They were always there where they were suppose to be, just as he first saw them. The telephone man suddenly realized that he was the one that disappeared and returned. 
This realization astounded the telephone man. This caused confusion in his mind and he was unable to think clearly that day. He was suppose to check the cooling fans and the heaters of the telephone equipment, but he never did. He was to confused and upset. The telephone man lied when his supervisor asked him if he had made the check. The telephone man said he did, when he knew he didn't. The telephone man waited for God's punishment to come back because he lied. But it never came. 
Over the months that followed the telephone man had become more aware of what was happening around him. He became aware of things changing. He observed these changes, learning not to be afraid. He observed the changing of the changes. Getting up and going to work every day became hard to do. The telephone man's mind became preoccupied with these changes that were going on around him, and of the past event. For the telephone man kept wondering where he went at that time. He kept wondering that if the man with the horse and buggy were real, he wondered what the man thought he saw standing, hunched over in the field. The telephone man kept wondering where he himself disappeared to. 
Two years had passed when again he realized that all the changes, and the changing of the changes going on around him was not seen by most other people. He learned to not to talk to other people about these changes going on around him, for on those times that he did people thought he was crazy, with flights of fairy tales. But to the telephone man, these were not fairy tales. The telephone man saw things that most other people did not see. He heard things that most other people did not hear. He saw different people that most other people did not see. To the telephone man he would be talking and laughing to some man or woman. But to others the telephone man would be seen to be talking and laughing to himself. 
So, the telephone man learned, so as to avoid the stares and pointing fingers, to quietly observe all that was appearing and disappearing before him, and wonder in fascination at those who nod and smile at him. 
The telephone man wondered. "Am I real, or imaginary?" 
Sarnia, Ontario

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