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Updated: Sphere Alliance Message #3

Some related messages prior to the Sphere Alliance messages.... and some after... basically put this in chronological order....

On Sunday, June 21, 2015, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf  wrote:

I AM...IN PURE LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR ALL I AM...WITH ALL I AM...I AM Experiencing NOW...ALL BEINGS...standing together... ALL in perfect resonance.... each ONE in full memory of each ONE's creations and experiences in entirety.... AWARE that each ONE created ALL THAT IS DONE... instant return to Oneness.... I AM Experiencing the external.... returning to internal.... BALANCE.... from where it ALL began...And each ONE, with complete AWARENESS, BEGINS ANEW ANOW!  SO IT IS NOW!!!



On Jun 22, 2015, at 8:25 PM GMT, T.C. wrote (via American Kabuki):

Good Afternoon Denice,

Like you I just received confirmation from your blog on earth plan.  I just read your blog (refering to American Kabuki)  and when I saw your pictures my jaw dropped.  Yesterday I was  really concentrating on being of service for the solstice.  During one of my meditations yesterday I was shown the Mayan temple but was given no explanation .  For the week prior I have been seeing that exact tree and golden chalice.  The tree for me represents the tree of life or Jacobs ladder.  The golden chalice for me also represents sacred marriage of thyself.  Equal balance of masculine/feminine.  The unity consciousness is quite astounding lately.  Bring on the lights!!!!! Thank you for the validation.  (see HERE for the 3 symbols)

Light and love

On Jun 22, 2015, at 11:36 PM, Denise  wrote:

Ok, Now this is getting a bit odd!  My arm hairs are standing straight at attention.  Last night I got a message that I would get an email of confirmation from you. . .

via Denise

6:36 PM 22 June 2015

We are here.

Messages are arriving for you through us since this conduit opened.  Many aspects of yourself have contacted and are ready for transmittal.

I do not know what that means.

It means the great merger is upon us.  Earth is the source point. The prime point of reset.

Tell me more please.

The timelines/densities/layers/realms are collapsing, much like that tesseract that we showed you.  It is us who reaches you in your dreams.  A soul group of sorts. One of your most recent non earth incarnations.

The CMEs as you call them are energy based waves, fractals of selves returning to source point. Returning to earth. Returning to you (collective you).

It is the great inhale of Source. The return home begins.

This is a bit overwhelming.

You knew this day would come. You prepared for it. Waited for it. It arrives now without a great parade or fanfare it is just the end of this and the beginning of that. Zero point not measured in Weeks, Days, or hours, or even minutes and seconds.


Rest now, we speak more of the merger with you again.

Thank you

End transmission.

7:01 pm 22 June 2015

This is better now.  You are relaxed. Here is what we wish to convey to you. In No Time. There is No Time. Time is a construct by which you measure your day. Organize your work, your life. So here it is: In No Time there is NO TIME. Remember this!

Even when I have to be at work by 7:30 am?

That too is a construct that will drop soon. It will be hard for you to comprehend, but T I M E is the illusion, the control mechanism. It too is ending.
You said “soon”. 

We know how you feel about that word.

Why is the change taking so long from our perspective?

You heard us say, “the twinkling of an eye” tonight?  

(I did when I was cooking dinner; I thought of Heather’s words that I heard once and it made me smile) Yes.

That is what you call a blip on the radar.  There is no movement forward.  Only NOW. Hard for most humans of your construct to grasp/understand. Do not worry. We will help you remember the NO TIME!

Don’t look back; don’t look forward.  Be Here Now.

Thank you.

End transmission.

Follow up messages:

Personal message for Denise sent via Skype to AK: 
[6/23/15, 2:04:32 AM] RS: The TREE of the spheres....I saw that tree 20 years ago!
[6/23/15, 2:05:53 AM] RS: I drew it for a cover on a playbill for the ballet " The Jungle book" for the New Mexico Ballet when I lived in Santa Fe. I helped design the costumes and ended up making a coloring book for fundraising. The tree, THAT tree (stylized) is the major symbol and is embalzoned in my memory banks.

[6/23/15, 2:08:24 AM] RS: So today I took a long walk down to the lake amidst the waist high gold field of grasses flowing in the cool afternoon breeze. I came upon a pasture, and there in the middle of this vast golden waves of hay stood a mighty oak all by itself. Alone. Majestic. Looked like that TREE. I walked over, stood under it then (in Trance) embraced what I could- it must be 100 years old so my arms only fit a portion. In the connection I asked grandfather to send down the vibration of the three fold FLAME into the core of the earth, then back out to the Great Central Sun, Alcyone.
[6/23/15, 2:08:31 AM] RS: (here is where you come in)
[6/23/15, 2:10:32 AM] RS: I saw threads of Light spinning around the Earth- Rose pink, liquid gold, ultraviolet blue- spinning spininng spinning- then into a grid like pattern over Gaia. Back down into the trunk of the tree and I swear I heard it say: " Ahhhh, thank you! I've waited nigh onto  tenfold of ten moons for this moment of my time to serve this purpose for now. It is accomplished. Thank you!"

[6/23/15, 2:10:48 AM] RS:
[6/23/15, 2:11:07 AM] RS: So Bill thank you for the lesson on spinning light.
[6/23/15, 2:11:10 AM] RS: its all one.
[6/23/15, 2:12:10 AM] RS: and thank Denise for me. Awesome. Bodunking awesome- bodabulously awesome.
[6/23/15, 2:12:35 AM] RS: you 
[6/23/15, at 2:49 AM] RS: I'll bet these 'spheres' have been communicating en masse for quite some time. Seems Denice is one of the few who picked up their telephone ring (so to speak). Bravo .

On Jun 23, 2015, at 12:46 PM, American Kabuki  wrote:

…  please tell me about the tesseract… I saw a tesseract in my Near Death Experience so I am keen to know about that…. if you care to share…

On Jun 23, 2015, at 12:57 PM, Denise wrote:
Thanks for sharing that [RE: Skype message from RS]-- I had a huge energy surge through my crown chakra for that.

I will go back and look for the tesseract dream and send it to you.  Basically in the past year I was having a dream that was morphing too fast and someone stopped it cold and showed me a soccerball sized tesseract that was outlined with blue and red ? lights and showed it collapsing from the center out.  The way the cells collapsed reminded me of the children's toy, the Jacob's ladder, a small group of wooden blocks held together with ribbon, that fold into each other and then it moves down the ribbon.

Basically they said that is how the timelines merge; they collapse into each other.  The outside of the tesseract never shrinks, though.

I will look for it now, before I head out to work; I have a few minutes.


UPDATED: 6/23/2015 6:43  GMT

From: Denice
To: American Kabuki
Sent: Tue, Jun 23, 2015 6:59 am
Subject: Fwd: Dream with a Tesseract Lesson

Wow -- last novermber -- feels like yesterday --

Love the search function on aol!!


[AK Note: I had forgotten about this email which I do have...]

From: Denise
To: americankabukiSent: Tue, Nov 18, 2014 6:56 am
Subject: Dream with a Tesseract Lesson

In my dream I saw this, but it had red and blue lines that moved around the perimeter of each cell like a carnival ride light.

I was shown a cut through so just the top half was visible, then shown that each cell (they didn't look like cubes:) folds into itself from the inside out. It looked lie the jacobs ladder toy from history museum shops.

The outer cells/cubes, all move closer to the center. The outer size always remains the same, because new cells develop outside as fast as the ones inside fold in. 
I was told this is how timelines merge and fractals come together. 
I was really surprised at this info, because I am not a scientist in this realm. What cool info, though. 
It came through when I stopped a dream (which I have never done before). The dream was changing too quickly and getting too weird and my body was uncomfortable. That's when I got the tutorial, because they said the dream was lots of timelines and fractals merging at once. 
Take care!

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