Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #6

As received by Denice

I worked a bit on my "internal viewing device"

Asked about the tech that will be delivered.  Showed me an image of a man in white pants and a tunic with a small white pillbox style hat loading stacks of clear cases about 8 x 10 inches and 3 inches thick about the size of a (3-ring binder).

I heard someone ask him to take them to the platform.  It looked like a metal stage set up beside what looked to be the side of a chinook helicopter (same color and size) but my viewscreen was too small to see if it was a craft or a helicopter (I only saw part of it).  That's where they will distribute them.  

I asked "when" and they just sent me the most overwhelming sense of amusement.  That seems to be their little secret for now!

I had sent pink spirals for a few moments on my drive to work.  My crown chakra was spinning and expanding.  On the way home, this is the message I received after I cleared my realm and made my declarations:

Denice: Is there a message?

SA: Yes there is much activity and anxiety among the ranks.

Denice: What does that mean?

SA: Not our ranks. 

SA: We are filled with joy and love in seeing many spirals of heart centered energy encircling Gaia, your earth.   

SA: We are pleased that you are helping and doing the work on the ground. 

SA: We too are doing our work from our vantage point.   Soon those two shall merge.

Denice: That "soon" word!

SA: We have no time, there is no time. Soon is a relative word.

SA: Fear not, all moves forward into infinity in an eternal spiral back to Source.  

SA: The age of reason ends; the age of joy begins. End transmission

Denice: I looked up age of reason.  It was in the 17th and 18th centuries.  But it was also known as the age of enlightenment; kind of makes sense -- there is so much enlightenment happening!

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