Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Light-Gasm

By Sophia Love

So... what follows is a conversation that was shared initially in a newsletter. It has resonated deeply with so many, that it is also being shared here, for anyone who hasn't seen it. The experience of this you will read about here is sort of beyond description. I made an attempt to explain it t to my friend this way: "It was like, idk, like knowing what all of life is, without having a physical life, without years or opinions or pain or even the necessity of learning... It was just knowing, well, everything. There are not really words..."

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The conversation below took place on June 5th, 2015.

I am here now.

What do you wish to talk about?

About this notion of Ascension.

Who are you – how will you be identified?

I will be identified by my mark of birth – yes, I’ve been human yet not only or often.
What do you mean by “mark of birth”?

By the fact of my personhood. I have existed in the “3rd” dimension as you call it, in the denser states.

Well, I will need some other form, something unique to you.

There is a name – yet you may not know of it – it is – I will say the letters in your tongue. S-L-O-V-E-N-T-A would be closest.
Okay. If you are not often human, who/what are you most often?

I am not in form most “often”, yet it would be more accurate to say “mostly” as I AM ONE – occurring in many places.

Your quantum physicists are seeing the truth of this.

I have been human. It is for this reason I want to speak of “ascension”. It was all the rage when I was human as well. Not for everyone, but reportedly for the sainted or holy ones.

The idea that some beings had “ascended” into “heaven” once they passed was held sacred. It was a mark and if you were one of those accomplishing ascension, well, it was the ultimate in spirituality – the apex – the goal.

We were so mistaken. Both in how we defined what we saw and what we yearned for ourselves. I see now how the yearning is all part of the journey. Yet I also see humans in your focal moment of now doing the same.

Ascension, as defined today, is something to yearn for if you are looking to escape life as it exists around you now. There is no “up” or “heaven” or place to go to. You are here now. You can transform your current life to be heaven and utilize your powers of manifestation, imagination, to(there was a long pause)

To what?

To maximize your manipulative abilities and have whatever is necessary for bliss. None of this is beyond you – but perhaps beyond your current imagining.

The reason I would like to speak to you of ascension is because the idea held by you (empirical you) about it contains polarization.

It is still all “before (ascension)” and “after (ascension)” – darkness and light – then and now – less and more. The fullness of every facet of your life is not understood.

From the place that I look – I see a mass of beings in stasis still waiting for an outside event, happening, spark or influence – to push them “forward.” This is only possible if “forward” were true. It is not.

The fullness of life has to be realized from inside – like an exponentially felt ZEN MOMENT.

I am getting a picture.

Describe it. I am sending you one.

It is light from the inside – gradual and bursting forth all at once – an internal explosion of brilliance without damage – an expansion of self that, I don’t know. What I physically see is the form of a human in shadow – black – and inside the form and then beyond and the form never moves – yet the power of the light is exceptional and reaches far past the form itself.

Perhaps I’d call it a “Light-Gasm”.

You have captured my message/image. Ascension is not so much a climax but a maturing and a new start. A version of creation theory that is like the “big bang” on human form. Once that level of life is realized and expressed, it most naturally evolves to more life – and the cycle continues.

I see man hold a notion of climbing “up” towards ascension when there was never a “down” to move out of. Every moment of life is sacred. Held there, time is immaterial and there is no question of belief or doubt.

Life answers itself.

Everything is known.

Humans play with not knowing, not liking, not remembering and not loving because it’s a way to RE-know, RE-member and RE-love. It’s pretend.

If there was one thing I could get across as a bit of assistance on your current “now” it would be to stop, notice every now moment and it will share with you the secrets of life itself.

Do not imagine yourself un-ascended or with something you “must” do. Just live each moment to its extreme depths. This will give you pause enough to let your light emerge. You’ll see more clearly and with greater understanding.

I did none of these things while human. It was “long ago”. I too wanted a way out and tried all the “fads”. I hated still, mostly myself, for reasons I could rattle off like a list of grievances – but not discern. The self-hatred comes from a stuffing of truth. It seems that this game always sounds like fun before you actually play it. Then, it gets far too real and painful.

By stifling of truth I mean that the fullness of humanity is hidden beneath the roles they wear and take. (Another long pause)

Why have you stopped?

As you become weary it’s like you turn the volume down.

Well, yes, I am tired. Please explain a bit more and we’ll finish up now?

I have no self-hatred when I am not human. I also have no feast of constant sensation and emotion and stimulus for creation. Here (In the non-physical) truth is known. As human, truth is what you are learning, feeling – BECOMING.

This self-hatred is a mis-identification of your actions. Somehow, your ego has gotten the message that its done something wrong, very wrong. What is wrong is humanity’s acceptance of limitations in its self-definition, not anything it is doing.

As man becomes the fullness of himself, he “ascends” – without going anywhere.

I would like to speak of this again. But I must go.

Yes. We will.


We are the ones we've been waiting for.


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