Sunday, June 21, 2015

The personal-collective liberation
"Everything starts where it ends
and Everything ends where it starts"

Translated from French -AK

The personal-collective liberation
by Shaani Galand

Everything starts where it ends and Everything ends where it starts.

The key to changing unconsciousness is to change the inner state.

If the consciousness puts finger on it,
she grows up.

And that's a cinch.

Mind and Body is One.

What manifests spirit manifests in the body.
That which manifests in the body manifests in the mind.

If you live your body through your consciousness,
you instantly feel that some-thing trying to get your attention.

Everything starts where it ends and all ends where it starts

So it is: As soon as your inner state is changed [for the worse] become aware of it.

Once your consciousness has awaken to this fact in you,
then identify the time this took place.

Identify how it occurred and what thoughts did you have about yourself, about others, about the world and see how this thinking is incompatible with the right to live their individuality.

You form a rejection that makes you believe in a spiral of separation from inside the outside ..
So you will understand why you refuse your own unique individuality and you already possess this sense of separation inside.

Ask yourself what your expectations were finally at that time and how they could only lead it.
Examine what were your intentions and how they locked up you in a very narrow direction.

Everything starts where it ends and all ends where it starts,

So without any external intervention,
operate by yourself a new start in the fluidity ...

Find in your memories, the most beautiful memory well being before a natural landscape.
Close your eyes and immerse youself to be revived for a moment it will take to feel expansion spread into you.

The time before ending with its vibratory procession
now a neutral base is in you and starts,
resume your life
and be attentive when you are no longer in this state .... then observe why and how you have created in yourself the conditions to closing of oneness.

It's inside you that all the mysteries of Yourself are buried,
and access is simple.

Give you the means to free yourself by yourself in a real consciousness and personal autonomy.

It's simple. But it will not always be easy ... do not play with desperation.
Take a step, one step, the first step...

Accept to experience the unimaginable non-consciousness dating back to consciousness and you will grow in them, instead of becoming the tension that condemns once again.

Assistance is here and ......

.... Everything starts where it ends and all ends where it starts ...

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