Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WikiLeaks offers $100K bounty for trade text © Provided by The Hill WikiLeaks offers $100K bounty for trade text

Never good news when the President won't even tell Congress what's in it... -AK

WikiLeaks is offering $100,000 for the text of President Obama's trans-Pacific trade deal.
Kevin Cirilli

The transparency organization released a video on Tuesday asking for donations to crowdsource the funds.

Labor unions and progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have heavily criticized the administration for not being transparent as it seeks to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The administration has said that the TPP negotiations are confidential for national security reasons.

Unions oppose TPP — a 12-state economic agreement — arguing that it would put U.S. employees in  competition with low-wage workers. Supporters argue that it would create better workplace and environmental standards worldwide.

Obama is asking Congress to grant him "fast-track" authority to pass TPP without an open-amendment process. The House is expected to vote on fast track, or Trade Promotion Authority, later this month after the Senate passed it before the Memorial Day recess.

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