Thursday, June 18, 2015

YouNeek and Loving it

This Quest is about knowing (and loving) that which you are. Humans create huge characters and spectacular saves because of contrast and addiction. Internally, balance is required. There can be no void in creation.

The vast chasm of utter heartbreak we’ve lived exists in balance with the amazing victory, miraculous come-back and incredible “luck” that also exists.

What this means is that as things, and as we, even out – things may feel a bit boring. There is a “hit”, an adrenaline rush that comes with the extremes of contrasting emotions. It is addicting at both ends.

We may not feel complete or satisfied until or unless we have something to cheer for, scream about or fear. Our bodies have been tuned to “high alert” status for a very long time.

Understanding truth is knowing that it starts and ends with you – you are creating, believing and expecting every “hit” you get. It’s all done with purpose. Its purpose to feed our addictions.

Loving every part and particle of yourself means seeing your addiction – choosing to either satisfy it or resist the urge, and not letting that choice change your self-love.

We spoke last about the game of humanity. You are passionate to the extreme. The trick, now that you are self-aware, is to choose your extremes.

I live in Chicago where the Blackhawks just created a Dynasty, winning the Stanley cup again, the third time in six seasons. The town is on fire. Chicagoan's are getting that emotional addictive “hit” vicariously – by watching hockey. It’s fast, exciting, satisfying and runs the gamut as far as extreme emotions are concerned.

Once you choose some way to express the extreme emotional “hit” you crave, you can create the rest of your days in balance. With intent you can love yourself into situations of health, prosperity, vibrancy and challenge.

Creation is not so much the result of positive affirmations as it is the product of a constant frequency you emit.

The freedom attitude when applied to love means that every part of you is acceptable and love worthy. You are free to love without condition. Once we get that, really live like that, our neighbors and fellow humans appear the same to us – acceptable and love worthy. Every one of them.

A world of acceptability and love worthiness may not have things like rage, crimes of passion or depression. That’s okay. Once our expectations have adjusted we’ll discover room for passionate creativity, unbridled expansion and wild self-expression – just for starters.

Loving yourself absolutely doesn’t mean you look for the summation of your parts that “measure up” to some self-defined standard. No, it means you absolutely understand and accept that in all of creation there is only one expression of love that you are uniquely qualified to give. You are here now because you are necessary. Because you are you. Only you know what it is you came to give. Show us.

You are the one we’ve been waiting for.


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