Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Arise, Awaken, Allow

by Sophia Love

The infrequency of these blog posts is a result of the thought that it’s already been said. That it’s all been said. That one more person saying it, is just, well, one more person clogging up your screen. It has come down to a single question: “To what end?”

That’s the question determining current focus. If the end is in concert on any level, it gets done. If not, it doesn’t.

The flood of information can be overwhelming. That said, I will add that lately there has been a deluge. What is new are constant streams of information coming from other realms, other beings, other “fractals” of me.

Names are separators. These conversations validate that for me. While they occur, there is no separation – it comes as a complete idea, and then we stretch it out into a conversation which I write into words so that it can be shared. I suspect that the writing and reading and ultimate remembering will someday not be necessary; that all information will be “known” with simple intent to know it.

Our human method of discourse will seem antiquated. This is sort of validated in the recent message from Ashtar as given by EM.

I don’t think of myself as a channel. I am an empath. A telepathic empath. The conversations held in my stream of awareness now are flowing easier and with abundance. I’ve had telepathic conversations in the past and these now are different; with purposes to reach mankind rather than just me.

When you listen to EM’s message, you’ll hear them say it won’t always come this way. I believe that is because as we arise and awaken and allow, we’ll “know it” in its entirety; names and places of origin notwithstanding. This, an indication of Enlightenment.

In any case, what becomes clearer and clearer to me is how remarkable the human is, how unique in Creation and what a spectacular job has been done here.

From homemaker to banker, doctor to musician, politician to activist – you have succeeded in the demonstration of miraculous. That you are here at all, reading these words, indicates the purity of your heart, the determination of your intent and the strength of your soul.

There is nothing you cannot do. Mankind’s story is always a come from behind success or a big reveal or unification of love. This is you.

All of what you imagine is possible. Every outcome entertained has already happened. You chose to be unaware so you could play with one or two – really get into them. Now it’s the part where you get to play with the fantastic – and watch what happens.

The energy is ripe for creation, for manifesting dreams, for choosing the road ahead. There are no wrong turns. Allow. Stay alert. Accept and then move on. It gets easier with each day.

‘To what end?” To say that I feel you. I see you in all that I encounter, ages new to 96. A tiredness, a weariness. It is evident in your eyes, your words, your explanations. It feels like the part before the big win, the plot shift or the last yard. It feels like we are moments away from massive acceleration, choice and living the new, right now. Perhaps Greece is a marker.

I don’t know what your choice will be, yet you are encouraged to make it with your wildest imagination and most fantastic dreams. It will manifest. Watch for it. Think about it. Talk about it. There are no wrong moves. There is only creation.

Under the deepest spell of forgetfulness, you have shifted a planet. Her people are now scrambling to keep balance still. Now comes the next part. Creating our new earth. Don’t give up.

You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,


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