Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Badass Bunnies, Scared Squirrels and us

We have a baby rabbit in our backyard. It’s unafraid of us. It comes out whenever we do and eats within a few feet of wherever we are. It’s a new one and we are watching it grow fat on our clover.

Yesterday I saw it go after a squirrel, chasing it right out of the yard. It surprised me, as I’d only seen its peaceful, clover chewing side. I’ve heard a story of a rabbit that grabbed a squirrel, shook it and then kicked it with its hind leg! I guess your opinions of rabbits depend on your perspective – human or squirrel. Both would be accurate.

This is not a story of rabbits. It is a story of us. It is an exploration of opinions. I’ve been thinking a lot about beliefs, facts, fantasy and illusion. Each of these a construct of the mind and its attempt to make sense of whatever its being presented with. In any situation , anything could be perceived as “truth”. It all comes down to perspective.

We’ve moved and are moving from a shutdown, shut off, unaware existence to a wide open place of possibility. We are seeing, noticing, hearing and feeling MORE. Our “truths” are changing and with them, our expectations.

Yet some things feel the same. We are human. We have bodies and with them perceived needs for health, shelter and prosperity. We have hearts and desires, lovers and friends. How is it that our world is changing while so much remains the same? Part of the answer may be found in the mirror. It is a tool of reflection. I heard Bashar say something once about mirrors and I’ll borrow some of it here to make a point.

When you are frowning and see yourself in a mirror, you may desire to get rid of the frown. Its unattractive, causes wrinkles and doesn’t feel that great. You don’t, I imagine, walk over to the reflective glass and attempt to pull the ends of your mouth’s image UP, forcing a smile to appear. No, if you feel like it, you smile with your physical face, resulting in a changed image, a smiling one.

This wide open world with accelerating possibilities includes near instant manifestation of your energy INTO YOUR LIFE. What you are feeling, believing and therefore expecting is played out over and over for you, in real time. Attempting to change circumstances without first altering expectations is akin to pulling the ends of your mouth’s image up so you’ll see a smile. It won’t work.

It is our beliefs about ourselves that create our life. It is our expectation for abundance that manifests abundance. The same is true for illness, health, struggle, happiness and peace. We are in absolute control here. There is no one else in the room.

That mirror is not two-way. The life you see is a reflection of your intent. The intents that manifest are those backed up with your beliefs. What you believe is possible becomes your life. Every time.

In the bunny’s mirror, he sees a squirrel as a nuisance to be removed and himself as the badass to do it. In the squirrels mirror he sees the bunny as a threat. In this human’s mirror, they are both pretty cute.

Perspective alters beliefs and intent. Daily life will only seem to continue unchanged IF WE DON’T CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE. It’s all possible now. This rapid frequency has opened our hearts. It is there where beliefs expand. Your heart is your most powerful organ.

As you go about your day, allow for a new vision to take hold. In this image, you are smiling, joy-filled, in control and prosperous. Life is appreciated and interesting. These things have no choice but to manifest in your mirror.

You are powerful love producers. Your essence is light. A sovereign being, your reflection is absolute agape, pure love.

Embrace each moment with all that you are. In answer to the question “Who are you?” Reply “I AM.” Enough said.

You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

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