Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #17
Intra-Terra Portals are Available For Use

As received by Denise...

15 July 2015

I wasn’t planning to ask a question today because I am tired, but as I was reading some news I was also thinking “how does a portal work?” and I got “We are glad you asked!

So I cleared my space and declared that only messages of absolute, unconditional, pure love and truth are welcome.

Yes we laugh at your hesitation.  We are never too tired of you! You are tired, but this will not take long.  How does a portal work? You asked.  Firstly there are many types of portals and to go into the detail quantum mechanics and technical specifications would be lost on you.

Thanks, I appreciate that. 

Let us show you.

I see a black screen with what appear like tunnels of lights, many different sizes of thickness from very thin to very thick, each one a different color.  Most of the large diameter ones appear to be translucent and gold in color.  It looks like a large pile of spaghetti noodles, with the ends going in lots of different direction and not staying still.

Can you tell me how they work?

Ok, there are many different technologies and techniques to make these portals work.  Or should we say, to use them, as they have never stopped working, it was you humans who forgot how to use them. 

So you saw the colors, which we showed you to indicate separate frequencies....

Like a radio dial? 

Yes like a radio dial, but in color not sound.  In reality, neither color nor sound are used for traveling wormholes, but these two descriptions help to “see” the idea of the many different frequencies.

All portals have remained opened.  Some have been guarded by our dear brethren who stayed behind on earth and have remained hidden from your view.  Yes, we laugh at your reference... the hairy folk that you call Bigfoot. Another story for later. 

Still image shot from a video by Studiodrom of a Bigfoot in the Yosemite Valley tossing a rock at the photographer. Image courtesy Bigfoot contractee Thomas Hughes. Thomas claims to have communicated with Bigfoot beings telepathically on a number of occasions. He says this photo matches the one he saw in Texas.  Thomas says these beings are not native to earth and come from a star system 5-6 light years away. Bigfoot are omnivores like humans, eating plants and and meat, and seem to have multidimensional abilities that enable them  to vanish from sight when pursued.

The closely guarded portals remain so.  Those will not be used by humans for some “time”. The lesser used, more abundant lower frequency and ‘local’ portals are ready for your ‘local’ use. 

Does this mean I can travel to see my brother 650 miles away through a portal?

Yes indeed.  You are not ready, because you do not believe it yet.  It is not enough to believe it when you see it.  You must believe it before you see it and we know that is a difficult task for humans.

OK. Please tell me how it works.

Yes. You find your local portal.  There are hundreds in every square mile.  

You stand in front of it. Some are near water, some near trees; some are anchored several feet above the earth.  

You have to know the destination portal and that is where the trick is.  There is no map of portals at least not yet.  

But you (each of you) can imagine a paper map if you desire and visualize the position you wish to arrive at.

I felt a sharp break in the connection.

Yes, that is enough for now.  Enough for you think about and imagine.

With love and joy we end this transmission.

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