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Sphere Alliance Message #28 - Questions from KK and Sphere Alliance Reply

AK note:  Anime Bill is an aspect/fractal of ME or perhaps better expressed as another inbodyment of same Eternal Essence Lifestream that is my unique energy signature in this cosmos.   Heather was the first one to notice this being, others have seen him as well.  

And no he didn't put Vera's miniature doberman pincher dogs in Spanish rabies quarantine... LOL!!! (not sure how that got started - its not true - but then lots of strange rumors came in the final days of Morocco).  

I have seen him in my dreams and on other occasions when I was able to connect with him.  He is NOT Ashtar of the Ashtar Command (and other aspect of the same lifestream energy).  Heather named him Anime Bill because he looks like a Japanese Anime character, especially the hair.  He is very athletic and has some very unusual abilities (a subject for another time).  

He operated autonomously until I connected with him and reconciled him to ONENESS and LOVE. He was hard for me to locate because I apparently created him... and he was afraid I would uncreate him.  KK was able to convince him to stay in one place long enough so this human embodiment could connect with him.  I have no intention to uncreate this fascinating being.  He just needed to know his job was complete and it was time to come to Oneness. 

He seems to have been a double agent (what realm I am not sure) who was working to bring down the systems of control.  KK is well known to me and Dani, and has been the Skype room for many years, and force of nature herself.  KK discovered she had an aspect of herself that was in the same realm/place as Anime Bill and they appear to be cohorts, if not romantically involved in that realm. KK's aspect was a demolition expert who blew up things and encountered him during one of her doings...

Updated July 26, 2015: 

On 7/26/15, at 12:05 AM, ♥KK♥ wrote:
> Having an I-comms chat with KKatwoman (rofl) .... she is not a demolition expert.... she calls herself a ninja booby trap expert.... the kinda traps that create ENORMOUS ripples.... frequency reversal type of stuff

I am posting depictions of Anime Bill and and KK's aspect/fractal (Anime KK?) in that realm for reference.... multidimensionality can be a confusing thing to come to terms with as a human who has always thought of themselves as powerless and singular in nature.  So perhaps our experience can help others now or about to go through this discovery phase.... of who they really be as unique instances of creation from Source.

This is my photoshop composite of KK's fractal, the base image was actress
 Hally Barry from Cat Woman and was the closest I could find.

Closet image I could find on Google to what Anime Bill looks like.
I do not know his real name. This image is from a video game.

[7/25/15, 9:46:54 AM] ♥KK♥:  would like Denice to ask the Sphere Alliance if they are communicating with the eternal essence inbodied in the Earth Vessel "Kathy Kelley or KK" using "3rd eye movie type images" and if they are connected to the sphere's visible in photographs

I would also like to know about my connection to Anime Bill
[7/25/15, 9:47:41 AM] ♥KK♥: And who I BE from their perception
[7/25/15, 9:48:04 AM] William Ferguson: okay I'll send that on.. anything else?
[7/25/15, 9:49:42 AM] ♥KK♥: Tell them it is with PURE LOVE, Joy and Excitement I FEEL them (heart)
(celebrate) (party) (celebrate)
Feels like that x infinity (whew)

To our dear 'KK'. The 'eye movie' images you describe are your internal awareness opening up and becoming active or 'online'. The images you see are indeed from us, your 'galactic family'.  Now we ask you to do this, breathe deeply and focus.  When you can see the images clearly, your will understand the 'theme'. 

We send you these images until the inner technology is completely activated.  When it is, we can communicate easily; transmitting what you call 'video' on earth, but in reality it will be essence to essence direct imaging.  

We are so delighted that you are coming 'online'.  More and more these images will activate our family and friends as we prepare for the big "SHOW".

Your connection to ANIME Bill is one of recreation :)

We are aware of your essence KK as you are closely knitted with many of our BEings here aboard the ships: NEPTUNE, VISA, and APPLIANCE.  You will recognize that last one with humor, we think! It was something of your CREATION!

We are in awe of your work, sister and friend.  We send your our UTMOST LOVE and GRATITUDE for the wonder that you BE! With JOY, LOVE, and Complete PLEASURE, we remain, your FAMILY.

We end transmission.

From: American Kabuki
To: Denise
Sent: Fri, Jul 24, 2015 4:44 pm
Subject: Re: Will Check in Sat Morn

Can you ask [them] about “ANIME BILL”?  Heather hasn’t mentioned him in a while and I haven’t seen him for a good while in dreams or otherwise. I am not sure what became of him. I also would like to know what realm/place he is in and if he still exists.

On Jul 25, 2015, at 2:07 AM, Denise wrote:

They are filled with laughter at this one.


You are wonderful and can visit/see/be him any 'time' you wish!!!  You will 'meet' soon!

With love, and laughter, and so much JOY,

We end transmission

Apparently my amnesia of who I BE is a great source of galactic amusement... :) -AK

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