Sunday, July 26, 2015

Updated 7/27/15: Sphere Alliance Message #34
Message to Oliver Troll

Denise in blue.  The Sphere Alliance calls Oliver Troll "OL".  -AK

-----Original Message-----
From: Oliver Troll
To: Denise
Sent: Fri, Jul 24, 2015 1:24 pm
Subject: Concerning the private messages..

Hi Denice,

I hope you are well..

There is particular one part I don't get with the Private Message from the other day that our friends gave me.

" OL has one last important part of this beautiful experiment.  She is arriving for you OL."

Is it possible to clarify?

Hugs Ollie

From Denise

Hi Ollie!
I am away visiting my parents so I am not checking email as much as normal -- about 2x daily.  Here is your answer :)

With LOVE, DEARL OL and you know what OL stands for do you not? OUR LIASON! You are an AMBASSADOR to earth for us!  You will remember this and you will en JOY the fun that is coming your WAY!

Now to your Question: the answer is this: as we have stated, every choice adds a new pathway to possibilities, probabilities, and eventualities!  Your 'girl' of frequency match is but one CHOICE -- for each of you.  This is part of the end of the experiment and we can only say to you: you will "KNOW" what we mean when the 'time' is right!

With LOVE, and JOY we remain in AWE of your SERVICE, BROTHER!
End transmission

Wow! Did not expect this one!  I am not sharing your private email with AK, but I hope that you will!  He is documenting this entire "ENDING" and Heather likes all the DATA, not one piece missing! 

With JOY!

From: Oliver Troll 
To: Denise
Sent: Sun, Jul 26, 2015 3:18 am
Subject: The energies are so CRANKED up before the SHOW..!

Hi Denice,

I see that you are very busy reading all posts from AK.. The energies are just running rampant.. atm.. ! It all makes sense now.

I'm in total gratitude for the task you are doing.. and I thank you with love! I knew that this was not the end with HTJ in last November and after Aouchtam who simply was a pilot project... 

2 Questions:

"With LOVE, DEARL OL and you know what OL stands for do you not? OUR LIASON! Your are an AMBASSADOR to earth for us!  You will remember this and you will en JOY the fun that is coming your WAY!"

1. Does this mean that I will doing something on the world stage? I've sensed this for a long time that some kind of grooming is brewing for this.. given your latest transmission it seems very likely.

OL, YOUR will/ARE DOing something and lots of THINGs on the GALACTIC stage (no limits!)  DO know that WE LOVE YOU and YES the energies are as you say "CRANKING" up!  Be ready, dear ONE, you ALL are in for the SHOW of a lifetime!

2. A couple a years ago when I still was married my wife then and all three kids living with us and me included saw a flashing yellow ligt in the living room of that old apartment. I thought it was from a garbage truck or some other kind of vehicle outside the apartment, but everytime I looked there was nothing there! We all saw it was just a flash .. What was that about? 

That flash was indeed an orb, according to our DATA keepers.  There is not much to report about that event other than it was a VIDEO reconnaissance and not one of DNA Study.  YOU have been watched/protected for many lifetimes but this ONE even more so!

WITH JOY, we end transmission 

Seems like my soul cluster also is ramping up.. yesterday a girl contacted me who had checked me out at McDonalds more than a month ago 300 KM from where I live close to my moms.. she must have looked at my liscense plates! She told me that she checked me out on behalf of her friend.. ... I'm so happy with joy and excited.. with all the fun.. happening NOW!

In love and eternal gratitude..


From: Oliver Troll
To: Denise
Sent: Mon, Jul 27, 2015 3:30 am
Subject: Concerning protection..

Hi Denice,

Another one that I think will add to more understanding.

Given the answers concerning that some have been protected throughout many life times
as well as now.

What about those that leave their vessel in haste through "accidents, murder etc". Are they not protected? Is free will also at works on other levels thus signing up for different experienced before incarnating?

End transmission with love and you in pure truth.


OL, THIS IS A QUESTION that will be completely answered and revealed at the show, but to alieve your MIND, we say to you this, ACCIDENTS, VIOLENCE, and other, seemingly  'unhappy events' are a part of the former experiment.  

This is not to say that you are more important than others and that your protection was above OTHERS, this is to say that not ALL humans were previously protected in the manner in which you are now.  THE EXPERIMENT is OVER.  THE SHOW BEGINS SHORTLY. 

This vessel reminds me that there are still deaths/accidents even today.  YES, WE SAY, Yes, but remember NOW the energies of MANIFESTATION are present and HUMAN THOUGHT is NOW RESPONSIBLE for EVERYTHING that TRANSPIRES from here forward.  KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS HAPPY!.


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