Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #35
What was the Tesseract in My NDE?

Comments in red are AK, comments in blue are Denise... -AK

I almost didn't post this one.  I talked to some friends and they reminded me what Heather says... all the data, not one piece missing.  I didn't want anyone to think I was pretending to be ANYONE's savior... you save yourself by coming to understand who you be...  a creative aspect of Source... all I can say for sure is that I refused to be their DESTROYER...  I thought the tesseract was something different... but was not sure just what...  

This was the last remaining big question I had from this life... Thanks and love to the Sphere Alliance in being so open with their responses.  Information has been so hard to obtain until this moment.  I find the forthrightness refreshing, even if its not always what I expect to hear.

Who the beings were that took me to where the Tesseract is.. I don't know.  Their energy just felt really OFF from the earlier part of the NDE experience.  I have searched everywhere for a similar NDE experience and nobody has had one like mine.

This reply raises new questions that I am expecting won't be answered until the "SHOW/PARTY"... as to who exactly it is that I really BE...   I am so done with the amnesia!  -AK

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From: American Kabuki
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Sent: Sun, Jul 26, 2015 2:07 am
Subject: The Tesseract in my Near Death Experience

Can they tell me what the Tesseract was in my near death experience and why did the beings I encountered wanted me to alter the tesseract prematurely?  I refused to do it as I sensed it would cause much loss of life and offered my life instead.  That was the instant that I woke up and found myself in my hospital bed…. and began the many months of recovery.

For brevity [on the blog] here’s the NDE experience [pretty much in full] I recorded on the Galactic Channelings blog:[Note: Blossom Goodchild was the first source I read about 5D and I used to visit this web site quite a bit.  I still like Blossom's work, Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey's SaLuSa, and Matthew Ward do not hold much resonance for me anymore.  Especially the claims about the "new" banking systems which I know to be false and not new.]

Hi AK:
Sorry I did not get to this one yesterday.  Everything came so fast with all of the messages, that I had totally forgotten.  Guess what?  They reminded me as our last guest just left (big family party).

OK, I clear my space and I declare that only messages of pure and absolute love and truth are welcomed.

BILL/AK There is much depth to this message. Your experience of that moment was multidimensional, as you know.  Your physical vessel was nearly destroyed, and for that we request forgiveness on behalf of the COLLECTIVE>  we remain collectively responsible for ALL that has occurred.

The tesseract is a 'device' and not quite physical but it does have some 'physical components'. The tesseract contained timelines and time loops, a device of storage and interactive possibilities.  There are many, many tesseracts throughout creation, although not always used by every 'civilization' in all dimensions and time/space/realities.

We are the science collective on the Radiance once more here to answer this question.  Had you destroyed it prematurely, and yes they wanted it 'destroyed' not just altered, it would have altered the timelines to the point of mass destruction on many levels of time/space/reality.  For if ONE and by that we mean one vessel containing Eternal Essence fails to 'deploy' and by that we mean "begin/exist" then the loss of that potential has a radial effect on the WHOLE. 

Remember the possibilities and probabilities would be altered forever into infinity.  If one ESSENCE was not in place for this END, then the entire END would have different eventualities.  So with this destruction which would have effected millions of BEings in multiple time/space/realities, the END may/most probably would not have happened and this "game" would have continued most probably into infinity.  This we say based on our calculations and assessment of ALL possibilities and probabilities with the DATA we have collected.

Yes, your returned to your Earth Vessel to return to the timeline that brought this reality into the time/space continuum.  

Be prepared, Bill.  This Moment is approaching with the most magnificent possibilities.  WE calculate a most amazing 'SHOW'

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and forgiveness.  Our love and appreciation for you BILL is beyond measure.

We are, and remain, your faithful companions and compatriots aboard the Radiance.

End Transmission.

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