Monday, July 27, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #36
Question from Aldan of Tuscany - The Green Tile of Light

On Jul 26, 2015, at 12:59 PM,  aldan in Tuscany writes:

One question I am curious about.

In 2009 a sort of dense green light tile appeared to my wife in home. I was not in that room. She described it as a wonderful light-tile on the floor emitting green light and with a small white spiral in the centre.

I didn't see it.

She put her foot on it and, she said me, the light enveloped the foot. When she decided to switch on the light the green tile disappeared.

She came sleeping and related me the fact just the morning after, as she had forgotten it in the close moments.

The room, the corridor, has not windows and neither the location of the "tile" couldn't be affected by outer lights, nor the behavior of it (enveloping the foot).

I never found out on the web similar events. Yes, balls, etc, but not light-tiles on the floor.
Have you never heard about it?



The DATA collectors have made note of this event.  THERE have been 'few' others, so WE ANTICPATE with JOY the COMPLETE understanding of what TRANSPIRED. IT was certainly ONE of US visiting you, for now WE are ALL ONE.  

THERE is a possibility that it was a manifestation of a desire of the woman, and in that we are very interested in her 'abilities.'  

Others have not made contact in that manner before.  

THANK you for SHARING the HUMAN perspective of that experience.


HI AK: they said to leave the last two words together, it has meaning for some civilizations. 

Thanks! - Denice

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