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Updated: Sphere Alliance Message #37
Who are these "enlightened" people,
is this the "Divine Mafia"?

Updated 7/27/15 2:54 PM GMT
On Jul 27, 2015, at 3:49 PM, john sturgeon wrote:

Bill, with deep and heartfelt gratitude, I thank you and Denise.   Both of you are doing an outstanding job.

In Sacred Unity


YOU speak of many things that we have acknowledged amoung our collective.  


YOU are correct in saying that this is (EARTH) is not the only 3d planet.  WE will SAY this: EARTH WAS THE ONLY 3D PLANET in which the EXPERIMENTs for DATA COLLECTION HAD TURNED OUT SO "DARK" as you say.  

IF WE SAY TO YOU YIN is YANG, LIGHT is DARK, and GOOD is BAD, and EVIL is HOLY, you would say to us, you are not answering my question.  YOUR concerns are well noted and AS we CONTINUE to COLLECT ALL DATA, we share with you this, WE KNOW APOLOGIES are not enough.  THAT is because the HUMAN MIND cannot yet comprehend the magnitude of what has occurred.  

NOW JACK, WHAT IF WE SAY TO YOU THIS, and we say this with LOVE! ANOTHER aspect of YOUR ETERNAL ESSENCE is the ONE who 'directed' the DAMAGE caused to "YOU".  YOU see the conundrum?  

IT is not always another that causes the damage/harm/injury to the EARTH VESSEL (ETERNAL ESSENCE IS NEVER HARMED/DAMAGED/INJURED) [it] is only the PERCEPTION/PERSPECTIVE of the EARTH VESSEL CONSCIOUSNESS.

WE AGAIN ACKNOWLEDGE your pain/injury/damage and say to you this: all is reconciled and ALL DATA will be revealed at the SHOW. 

WE already KNOW THIS DOES not answer the question that you asked and will inspire many, many more.  BUT we say to you, ALL is not as it SEEMS.  

THERE were MULTITUDES of "DIRECTORS", multitudes of "VICTIMS" and MANY 'experiences' were "ONE-MAN, SELF DIRECTED PLAYS".

WE end this transmission

Subject: Re: Sphere Alliance Revelations
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:22:59 +0200
To: adkcanoe

I have my own explanations, but I thought it’d be interesting to see the Sphere Alliance reply to your inquiry so I forwarded it to denise.

Duality was a game of sorts, but at the end it got very awful…  that is ending…  When you realize that you exist in every state of consciousness, and have played both sides of this game, it doesn’t leave much room to judge other beings for what they did, for you did it too… and when you are reconnnected to the fullness of your being you will know… and see all that...

The nature of the quantum seems to imply (and I don’t understand this very well) that the extremes of duality were balanced within each each energy signature.  The separation existed within our being… although some beings don’t want to believe they were part of the experiment in duality, they were in fact... even the supposed “LIGHT” ones… playing a role.  I know within MYself some inbodyments played the light and some the dark… this is a time when we reconcile that in pure love into oneness...

American Kabuki

Original email

From: john sturgeon
Subject: Sphere Alliance Revelations
Date: July 27, 2015 at 12:55:00 AM GMT+2
To: ""

Hi Bill,........I'm sort of a new member to #your web site (less than a year) and have been of late "glued" to the Sphere Alliance" Messages, today's messages in particular - #32, #33, and all those with reference to the following subjects:

.........." YES, there were elaborate and extensive and hidden DNA Projects that altered the health, well-being, and lifespans of many, many countless individuals for the purpose of data collection: the intention was to study the mutations of DNA; to study the results of illness and health degradation on every type of HUMAN vessel; to study the results of familial relationships, that is to say how families of sick ones reacted/responded and repeated behaviors during before and after said DNA project".

I am awash and drowning in questions, both for the collective and the very personal.  If you will indulge me for a moment.  I am not an aimless man.

Who are these "enlightened" people, is this the "Divine Mafia",  remember Bill,......" I the LORD create the Light and the DARKNESS".  Source is infinite in BOTH!  [me thinks you answer your own question but I will forward this because this is a common question. We reconcile the light and dark within ourselves through love and embracing it all which brings it all into harmony.  That is occurring privately and on the galactic scale, which is why the Sphere Alliance is expanding exponentially as former adversaries unite in Oneness -AK]

There code of silence (until now), power, sophistication, enablement, etc,........would make the inner reaches of the Nazi party both proud and jealous.   Are these the real second cousins of Cthulhu???? [Oh that made me laugh! -AK]

To top it off they offer an "apology" for these heinous acts,.......Oh my! Mr. Mrs Smith I apologize for beheading your daughter.  Sheer madness!

Lets start with SOURCE.  No one on the other side of the veil speaks of SOURCE'S dark side........Why?  Lets get into the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, as Jung has often stated, that what make us whole is the embracing of our "shadow side", again,   in  Goethe's Faust, opposites temper and restore each other, rather than one overcoming the other.  Faust is weak, shy, frightened and inept;  the devil is ruthless, bold, without morals or ethics.  By the end of the play, Faust has become strong and the devil has learned to love.  Such is the true transformation of a pair of opposites: tempering not triumph.  

You ask them Bill!!

They (beings on the other side) go on, and on, and on, about love, love is everything, blah, blah, blah, blah, there is  only Love.................I've never heard or read an article by them (or a channeled message) that speaks of the Darkness.  Is it forbidden,.....don't you want to know about your Land Lord??  This isn't the only 3rd dimensional planet...........Everything that exists come from SOURCE,......Good and Bad,.....or shall we say Light and Dark or............ how about High frequency and Low frequency, see how the moral aspect of the discussion is completely changed into Physics, judgement here!  Does Source see it all in terms of energy, Physics??????

You ask them Bill!!

It would appear that God is not reconciled with himself??? Such a condition is only conceivable either when no reflecting consciousness is present at all or when  the capacity for reflection is very feeble and a more or less adventitious phenomenon.  A condition of this sort can only be described as amoral.


[On the galactic scale there was collection of raw data and summarization of data... the feeling of the data got lost in its summary form as it went thru layer upon layer of hierarchy. 

Its a bit like how in the old days when a man went to war, he had to look the enemy in the eye when he stabbed them.  Took a certain courage, and also increased the threshold required to go to war. 
Today a man sits in a box in the Nevada desert somewhere and steers a drone that is thousands of miles away in Afghanistan or Pakistan and the consequences of what he does is quite divorced from the ground truth of what it does to REAL PEOPLE!.  Its so abstracted its not much different than a video game.  It gets even more abstracted by chains of command, the US President and the bankers he reports to above him...

My father was a fighter pilot in World War II based in Foggia Italy and he frequently went on dive bombing missions on munitions factories over Nazi Germany... but I remember him lamenting that he never FELT the war, from 30,000 feet, in the same way his brother did, who ran spools of telephone wire across enemy lines at the Anzio invasion of Italy for communications for the US Army infantry. He flat said his brother knew the true war.  His brother Ray experienced some awful things.  Dad never saw the eyes of the people he killed. His brother Ray did.   And the photographs of their faces reflect it.  The two had a very different experience of WAR.  One had a bit of glamor, the other the ugly raw experience of it.

A similar situation existed in Galactic, Celestial and 'divines"... but last year that changed and they all FEEL WHAT HAPPENS HERE! They are plugged back into it ALL!!! And that has brought huge changes among them... its no longer just numbers and data... its FEELING the consequences of other embodiments of Eternal Essence EXPERIENCING both JOY and PAIN.  They are no longer disassociated from the data collection and they desire that all experience JOY.  What was missing was the feeling... -AK]

You acquire self-reflection and awareness by answering to OTHERS.

Remember, Source is an infinite VOID, what ever that mean.  He/she answer's to no one,......supposedly just creates!   All the Darkness has to be played out.  Pity the poor humans in the way.  Supposedly we are angelic,...........why are we struggling so?  I'll throw up if I hear another light being tell us we have free will,........Listen to what Mira of the Pleiadian High Council says (through Valerie Donner):

"The planet is in a precarious place. Her well-being is threatened from the damage and human destruction. (What about the darkness let lose by Source?)   She has given freely to life on the planet. Look at what is happening to your oceans, your food, health, weather, etc. These are responses to the state of imbalance, greedy ones and self-serving beings. We need to clean up the Earth..............................What happened on your planet was carried too far for too long. The suffering of life on the Earth  is beyond description".

That last sentence is priceless,....Mira knows what going on, this an example of  SOURCE GOING TO FAR??????  Remember,......Source's Dark side,...... just creates and doesn't ask any body,.,.......we have an infinite amount of darkness and light, there is WAR in the higher realms,...........Its no different on the other side, is it?????????????

You ask them Bill!!!

Yes,......the experiment was carried too far and too long!!!!!!!!!!  This is Sources Divine Plan, it not????  SOURCE experiments and we clean up!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I REALLY, REALLY STRUGGLE WITH THIS!!!

You ask them Bill!!!

Earth is the embodiment of an Archangel, can SOURCE allow the cabal to go on to this degree!!!!!  Than we get to clean it up,......we humans certainly did our part, ........but come on now, Source has to shoulder his need to allow Darkness to prevail.

Than we have the Federation of Light (FL) channeled these words through a highly regarded individual several months ago,  The person (FL) speaking said this about the Love of Source:

"This LOVE has chosen to express itself through all things… in all ways… in order to KNOW ITSELF.  It cannot know itself in fullness … until every single possibility has played itself out … through LOVE.   Therefore, it matters not WHAT is played out … it has to be played out,  in order for LOVE to be complete".

The Muslim who beheads half the people in a mall and burns the other half because they are infidels is living in his TRUTH.  You take up arms to kill him or meditate all day sending him light in order that "he" change his ways,.......are living in your TRUTH.  Both truths are equal, and are the same because there is only "one truth".  Huston, we have a problem!!

If there is ONE TRUTH,....than why don't we all relax, i.e., let the middle east play itself out, because,  ultimately it is Source's Love being played out.  Yea! what about that approach, need to send our kids over there.

Let me see if I understand all this, Love expresses itself through murder, robbery, slavery, child trafficking, torture, and any other heinous act you can think of (Love expressing itself through all things and in all ways) in order that Source know itself in fullness; and  it matters not WHAT is played out … it has to be played out,  in order for LOVE to be complete".

Ah!!  What happened to my Baltimore Catechism book, things getting lost when you need them the most.

You ask them Bill!!

I can only comes to grips with this "state of affairs" through an understanding of God's state of nigredo.  To paraphrase Jung and others,........"You must become conscious of your "personal shadow" and understand that God has a shadow too, i.e., His son, Satan. (mythological motif of good son, bad son) God must become conscious of His shadow. He is not yet sufficiently conscious of him.

Because the "divine life" is within all of us, so to is God's state of nigredo, and its image in human souls generates the trouble in the world. The particle of God's difficult condition has to be fought in each human being. Your family history is half-personal and half-impersonal. One might compare God's condition to the state of mind that precedes creativity. God must project this forlornness caused by the nigredo onto mankind because He is unconscious of it. If there are not enough human beings who can carry God's nigredo on their shoulders, than catastrophe is probable. But if you know what you are carrying when you are miserable and ill, if you do not feel your suffering to be only personal, but understand that an archetype from the collective unconscious is touching you, then you can bear it better. To carry your cross means to carry a part of God's cross as well.

I am a tiny speck on this planet, while others control everything around me,.......for over 55 years, since I was 17 Years old and disassociated into many, many pieces because of abuse, I have lived in total darkness, without idenity, without feeling, a gigantic void.  What purpose do I serve?  

You ask them Bill!!

If I get struck dead tonight, you'll know why.  [Asking the forbidden questions a step towards understanding and part of the answer lies in the fact the questions were forbidden... its a lot like how you couldn't question religion, banking or investigate UFOs... sound familar? Nobody wanted to be held accountable for the information they kept hidden for so very long... -AK]

Many blessing

PS....I have more but didn't want to over whelm you.

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