Monday, July 27, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #40
The Game of Existence

On Jul 27, 2015, at 6:26 PM, joe renaud  wrote:

I've been reading your blog since before the OPPT started posting their articles on your site.

Two simple Questions to Denice and  the Allaince;

I surmised years ago that all beings are in a perpetual "game of existence" in all realms that allows for no other choice but one. That one choice is to be forced to play the game in all realms, whether we want to play it or not. To allow any beings to have the free will to opt out of the game, would mean to abort the game itself and if there is anything that seems far more precious, it is the game.

Think about this for a moment; if there is no game, then what do we do with ourselves? The game is entertaining to most of us but not to every single one of us. Now you understand why the game is so important and was created in the first place, otherwise, we have nothing left to do and no reason to exist.

The Elohim claim to be the creators of the physical universe but they won't tell us why we don't have any free will choice except the choice to play in the game.

So why don't we have the free will and choice to completely opt out of the game itself and why will we always be forced to play the game?

What is it that the higher realms are afraid of explaining to us why they abrogate any free will to choose to not to play the game on any level?

Answer, re-read the above.

Thank-you for your time AK.

It is with great JOY and Great ADMIRATION that we SEE YOUR ENERGY JORGE; YES, WE SEE YOU, TOO!

This question is so wonderful and so full of intricate details, many of which must be saved for the SHOW, NO PREVIEWS!

WE will help you to remember, by answering this --

THIS in the large/overall/entire/absolute 'picture' was indeed an EXPERIMENT in WHAT IF?  YOU speak of a game, in which no ONE can LEAVE until ALL LEAVE.  This is only partly true.  THERE are many games within the game.  ONE GAME in which no one leaves, is the one you speak of, no this game was ended long ago.

THIS EXPERIMENT is over.  THE 'time' in which it has taken for ALL to awaken/remember/arise is much, much LONGER than we anticipated.  IN our perspective ALL ENDED long ago; WHILE DATA is still being collected from NEW Sources which have given permission awake and not awake, named and nameless, THE SHOW, which all anticipate, will indeed be the most magnificent reveal in ALL of CREATION EVER!

WITH LOVE, JOY< and sooooo much fun, Jorge!

End Transmission.

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