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UPDATED 3:33 PM - Sphere Alliance Message #42
Golden Orbs
(BIUs - Biological Interface Units)

My comments in red italics -AK

On Jul 27, 2015, at 12:43 PM, Edward Visse  wrote:
Hi AK,

I read the message about the golden orb. 2 times I have seen a golden orb. 1 time at the Monroe Institute when Love was expressed in the group. Another time at the end of a course I led, where again Love was expressed and heart chakras opened.

Now of course I’m very interested as to why these golden orbs were actually there. So if you could ask Denise to ask this question for me to the Alliance I would be grateful…

So my question: What were these orbs and their function. 

Also please who is the blue entity I have seen, what is ‘his’ relation to me. please elaborate. In full Truth, Help me remember.

Thanks!, Edward



ALIA- RAY of the ASHTAR COMMAND here.  WITH LOVE AND JOY, DEAR EDWARD we say to you ‘yo ho ho’ and you remember what we mean!  

Edward: the golden orbs are biological interface units.  This is a ‘category’ of biotechnology that is used throughout this verse and has been shared by many, many groups as well.  

The golden orbs are able to enter the domain without notice, gather data that includes temperature, air pressure, air quality, and scan with direct imaging and sensitive technology to determine organ function and life quality and so on.  

THESE are used primarily by the DATA Collectors, but sometimes are used by families to ‘check’ on their loved ones.  


Updated: 7/29/15 3:33 PM 

I received these photos of some golden orbs from someone who I will only identify by her Sphere Alliance name, "Skye McCloud".  Skye has worked with Heather and the rest of us since the release of the OPPT documents.  Skye currently has "galactics" in her house... they are looking in her cabinets... LOL!!!  "OMG! OMG! OMG! I've got Galactics in my house!"

We think these photos are the "BIU"s - biological interface units... or golden orbs...

Biological Interface Unit - BIU

Cluster of BIUs in Northern Europe

A cluster of BIUs in Northern Europe

Biological Interface Unit

The question of the blue entity was left unanswered by the Sphere Alliance.  So I will give my experience of seeing one of these beings.  I don't know if its the same type of being or not.

I have seen a very large (10 meters tall)  blue energy being in Aouchtam...  I caught him out of the right corner of my eyes and I said to myself "CLARITY NOW, CENTER IMAGE IN FRAME" and then I got a good look at him. 

He looked something like Dr Manhattan (minus the tattoo on the forehead) in the comic book "The Watchmen" and I wondered at the time who he was... but as I lay in bed, I found his arms responded to my arms so I took him from a test drive and walked him down the main highway from Tetouan Oued Laou.  He is ME in an unknown realm in a blue energy body.  I have not seen him since.

Later that day Lisa and Dani, who were also in their own very large energy bodies (there was a lot of military activity that day as well as strange trucks with antennas that seemed to be transmitting a frequency of irritation) reported that they saw a huge blue guy walking down the road.  And I just burst out laughing.  Its fun when you get confirmation.

Can I suggest that if you see this being again,  see if his limbs respond to the movements of your own limbs, and perhaps you are like me and have a part of you like this in some yet unknown realm?  -AK

Dr Manhattan from DC Comics

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