Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The White Orb

On Jul 27, 2015, at 3:42 PM, Lindsay Klouse 

Hi AK,

If you could forward my message to Denise I would appreciate.  I have a question for her/Sphere Alliance that will help me and hopefully others who have had a similar situation.

The other night I woke up randomly in the middle of the night. I was sleepy and disoriented and sat up on my elbows.

I looked over to my window shades and saw a flash of white light explode (about the size of a golf ball) and it zipped over and hit me inside my forehead.  I remember saying "ahhhh" because it knocked my head back a bit.

I didn't hurt, I just felt pressure.  I was worried I was attacked at first.  But perhaps it was not a bad thing, whatever it was.  Can the Sphere Alliance help?

Permission is granted to post my email on your blog.

Thank you!
Lindsay Klouse

THE small, friendly COLLECTIVE from RELIANCE and DEL-RAY HERE.   


NO that was not a golf ball, that was a biological interface unit [BIU], one of many ‘types’ used to check on our family.  

It is with love that we ‘bop you on the head’ dear one.  

Sometimes our humor is lost on the seriousness of the situation ‘downside’. (earth)

End transmission.

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