Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When you meet Univerisal YOU (aka "U")

On Jul 27, 2015, at 6:56 PM, Aaron Alfonso wrote:

It is nice to connect with you in this way, Bill... my question to the S.A. has been with me since 2003... I will construct this question in a general way and not as a personalized detailed manner.

Did our essence's masculine/feminine energies "split" into male/man and female/female physical expression as we entered the experience of duality and separation of 3rd density? And if we reunite and eventually re-emerge with this counter part of self?

Bill, Denise, Heather and the essences of S.A., I AM JOY-full in re-experiencing ONEs familiar energies.

just me...

Aaron Alfonso


DEAREST A.A. THERE is no JUST ME.  YOU are a most important aspect of I AM.  

The experience that you speak of [and] ask is different for many different cultures / civilizations / galaxies / universes.  ETC.  

There is no ONE way in which ALL were created/dispersed/employed throughout ALL.  

YOU reunite with YOU, when YOU are ready.  

What you do after you meet is entirely up to YOU.  The CHOICE is YOURS NOW!  

The possibilities are endless! 


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