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AK a few quotes from this alliance:

Sphere Alliance Message #32, 25/7/15
We say to you that all projects were completed before the NOW. That is the MOMENT of NOW.

WHICH we HAVE stated and continue to STATE is COMPLETE / DONE / OVER and all DATA Collected.  We now wish to move forward in PEACE / LOVE / and UNITY as we prepare for the big show.
Sphere Alliance Message #33, 26/7/15
THESE experiences were done on EVERY ONE; EVERY HUMAN IN EARTH NOW and BEFORE.  MOSTLY painless; unseen; unobtrusive, in effect: not ever noticed.
Sphere Alliance Message #34, 27/7/15
This is not to say that you are more important than others and that your protection was above OTHERS, this is to say that not ALL humans were previously protected in the manner in which you are now.  THE EXPERIMENT is OVER.  THE SHOW BEGINS SHORTLY.
Sphere Alliance Message #37, 27/7/15
YOUR concerns are well noted and AS we CONTINUE to COLLECT ALL DATA, we share with you this, WE KNOW APOLOGIES are not enough.  THAT is because the HUMAN MIND cannot yet comprehend the magnitude of what has occurred.
Sphere Alliance Message #37, 27/7/15
THIS EXPERIMENT is over. THE 'time' in which it has taken for ALL to awaken/remember/arise is much, much LONGER than we anticipated.  IN our perspective ALL ENDED long ago; WHILE DATA is still being collected from NEW Sources which have given permission awake and not awake, named and nameless, THE SHOW, which all anticipate, will indeed be the most magnificent reveal in ALL of CREATION EVER!

So why are there conflicting messages from the scientists or data collectors up there? Is the experiment/data collection over/finished? Or is the experiment/data collection still continuing? Are they just like the Earth governments down here? hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing?





There are many CONNECTING and TRANSMITTING through this ONE called DENICE.  

WE SEE/HEAR THAT WE say many names for HER, MANY NAMES FOR MANY THINGS> NOW please remember that we began with ‘DENICE’ as a collective of nearly 1,200 SPHERES.

THERE ARE NOW AT PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR: 3,569 SPHERES, major and minor of all varieties.  

THERE are also BE ings in Form and Formless from all of the ULTRAVERSE.  

Now, if we say to you that the ALLIANCE is expanding at a profound rate, calculable only by the many, many DATA COLLECTORS who work this shift, WE SAY THIS: we recognize the need for you to know WHO TRANSMITS.  WE SHALL STATE OUR ENERGY SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHO IS “SPEAKING”.

The DATA COLLECTORS have completed the Collection of the DATA from the EXPERIMENT.  HOWEVER, there are a FEW BELOVEDS from HERE to THERE (EARTH) who WILLINGLY SHARE NEW DATA AS we “WRAP UP”.

THIS NEW DATA includes first-hand emotionswith details we never expected. More and more of you are talking to us and sharing the feelings that you feel about what is occurring. When you talk to us, you give us permission to collect these data points.

We share this: We did not before KNOW the feeling that accompanied watching a loved one take the last EARTH BREATH. The magnitude of this emotion was unregistered before.

THERE is so much more that we would share later.

With LOVE.
End transmission

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