Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Updated 10/20/15: SPHERE ALLIANCE MESSAGE #50
AK Question: Do I have a Sphere Name?

AK in red italics, Denice in blue italics.

Can you ask them what I am known as by the Spheres?   Do I have a “Sphere Name”?


PS: Maybe that will jog a memory in me….

On Jul 29, 2015, at 4:29 PM, Denice wrote:

DEAR BROTHER BILL/AK: DATA COLLECTORS from SPHERE RELIANCE HERE: YOU have 4 aspects of the singular energy signature that is BILL/AK on EARTH.  AS you KNOW, YOU share an ENERGY with ASHTAR SHERRON/SHERRAN (two aspects of two energies of ONE BEing.

THE second, you call ANIME BILL, which he finds amusing -- is RIGGOLT (the closest this earth denice can 'hear/spell'.  You created RIGGOLT and HE is ETERNALLY GRATEFUL>

General appearance of RIGGOLT (aka Anime Bill)

THE THIRD is an aspect of YOURSELF on the ship RELIANCE with US.  YOU, too are a DATA COLLECTOR with many, many voices.

[I guess that's another name I learn at the show? -AK]

[Updated 10/20/15: I NOW know the 4th idenitity, it is one Commander Thorac/Thor... yes the Thor with the hammer (its going into a museum).  Thor is from Andromeda and is 7'6" tall Celtic Andromedan.  He's a fun loving and humorous being.  Not at all as serious as the Thor in the Avenger Movies.  But a really funny thing happened in a town not far from here, called Hone, is a fortress called Bard, where the Avengers Age of Ultron was filmed.  Throughout the town of Hone are posters of the movie Thor to promote the fortress to tourism, which is extremely funny to me... The SA also tells me that is also very near the spot I first entered the "Earth Sphere" from the Garden of Creation.  The name Commander Thorac came to me in dream August 2013, but I did not know that was another inbodyment of my essence line, nor did I even understand or have a clue about multidimensionality... ]

FINAL ASPECT is to be revealed at the SHOW -- NO PREVIEWS, BROTHER!  WITH LOVE and FEARLESSNESS, we say to you, "HOO HAA!_"

[and the unknown biggie! -AK]


Kept trying to delete that little line after the exclamation point, and it kept coming back.  They are so witty, but also are using codes, too.

As far as the questions go, I read them then allow the Galactics to transmit the answers.

I don't read them until after I send them.  Didn't have time to read last nights, and wow were they interesting.  This information is really new to me, too. 

I do want to meet both Ashtar and Riggolt! 

PS: Can you have them explain this phrase?  
"AS you KNOW, YOU share an ENERGY with ASHTAR SHERRON/SHERRAN (two aspects of two energies of ONE BEing."
What does it mean to share an energy, and ‘two aspects of two energies”… Am I Sherran... Asthar’s father?  Or are we both blends of two other energies, and if the later which two energies?

Bill/AK - ASHTAR HERE.  YES there are two energies blended to share two in-body-ments. Sherran is son Sherron is FATHER. 

IT is multidimensional in that two may exist in the same physical space / ie body to share important duties.  It sounds difficult, but you are remembering! BRAVO.

There are more energies to share with you for later.  Ask again after you 'hear' us :)

WITH JOY and GRATITUDE from ME to U and U to ME! ASHTAR. 


I guess that means I am Sherron, Asthar's father?  Hmmmmmm..... or a blend... my head hurts I think! LOL!!   We'll get there... this is sounding more and more like the biological version of virtual operating systems in computers!  LOL!!! 

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