Thursday, July 30, 2015

Updated 7/30/15 12:26 PM GMT: SPHERE ALLIANCE MESSAGE #51
Everything is a Business plan
"divine" Puppet-masters Profiting
From Off-world Commerce
in Human data, Human DNA
and Human By-products
(the commerce of human slavery)

I suggest watching the movie "Jupiter Ascending" for a flavor the corporate nature of human farming on earth. -AK

Updated 7/30/15  12:26 PM GMT: Changed wording on comment Per HTJ, to refer to Sphere Alliance Message #25.  (the prior link was incorrect) -AK

AK: Did the “Puppet Masters” profit from allowing access to data collection to humans on earth?

Was there a commercial marketplace where outside data collectors “purchased rights” to install implants in [Earth] humans for research purposes?   

If so how long did they profit it from it and what form did such profit come in terms of value/resources?

OK DEAR BROTHER BILL/AK - YOU ask the right questions.  There still is formality here amongst friends.  THIS IS ASHTAR SHERRAN of the ASHTAR COMMAND>

We say to you as a COLLECTIVE to please recall with love and joy that all are ONE, NOW.  

With that preface aside, we shall share with you answers that you will indeed find difficult to hear, because Yes, indeed HUMAN EARTH VESSEL DATA is / was a HOT COMMODITY.  THE market was shut-down / closed by our most recent accord / agreement / LOVE with HATJ. [SPHERE ALLIANCE MESSAGE #25 Heather Tucci-Jarraf: "TURN ALL LIGHTS ON NOW!" and Sphere Alliance Reply and this filing

WE CANNOT and WILL NOT POINT FINGERS, ALL ARE ONE, but we say the profit was unimaginable in terms of EARTH understanding of monetary value.  DATA was never free. REALLY Valuable DATA was EXTREMELY Expensive. 

DNA was only part of the market, although the most important!  DATA transfer was a very valuable commodity as well.  

THE implants were installed by many different groups.  Most were for inaguos  (? they insist on this word) in-ag-u-ous reasons, that is not harmful or damaging or even intrusive.  

Some, and only a few groups installed implants to cause harm/damage/and injury purposefully.  WE CONTINUE TO APOLOGIZE for this experience.  THE extent to which HUMANS were used is really unimaginable to so many of the groups of civilizations that are HERE NOW.

YOU ask about profits and resource exchanges? YES the profits were again not countable in your dollars/earth value. TOO large to count.  ACCOUNTING HAS BEEN MADE AND ALL BLACK BOOKS have been entered into the DATABANKS.  This too will be revealed AFTER the SHOW. 

Other trades included advanced technology and life-extending trades as well.


WITH GRATITUDE FOR YOUR FORTITUDE and INQUIRY, we remain your Comrades of the Galactic Council, ever expanding to include new seats.  

END Transmission.

And this followup:

On Jul 29, 2015, at 5:01 PM, Denice wrote:


The data collected and sold was done by 'you know who'. Routine DATA COLLECTION that was simply collected / reviewed / archived was never sold or traded.  -- IT was SHARED amoung the ALLIANCE, HOWEVER.


On Jul 29, 2015, at 5:05 PM, American Kabuki wrote:

Which sphere is sending this information? 

On Jul 29, 2015, at 5:11 PM, Denice wrote:

BILL/AK we are the DATA Collectors aboard the RELIANCE and shared with RADIENCE and RENDEVOUS (EARTH NAMES). THANK YOU FOR ASKING>

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