Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How and When do I introduce this information to my family and friends?

On Jul 29, 2015, at 7:15 PM, Jim Dodd wrote:


If possible, I would be interested in knowing what advice the Alliance would have for us "closeted" beings who, like myself, have been actively and passionately resonating with this brand of "galactic truth" for years.

I can't imagine any of my siblings or friends considering it anything but fantasy/folly. My own "awakening" has come in fits and spurts since 2010, and took an irrevocable foothold at the end of 2012, with the introduction of Heather and her exploits.

Is there a way to introduce this latest flurry of information from the Sphere Alliance, especially with the "auspicious" nature of the impending next NOW moment, to those not to inclined to hear/listen? I appreciate that they are a complimenting contrast or energetic counter balance to my own truth/reality but, if it would help facilitate their own remembering/awakening, what can I say, the more the better!

Thanks to you and Heather and Denice, and to all those multiple beings from multiple worlds holding down and bringing forth the LOVE.

WOW, this JOY is uncontainable!!

Jim Dodd

On Jul 29, 2015, at 9:47 PM, Denise wrote:

IN THE NOW, SIR DODD, ALL are awakening.  

THE slumber lifts, the eyes are rubbed, and the inkling that 'something' is coming is growing, expanding, arising. 

KNOW that you choose when/how/if to share with your siblings the new DATA you receive. 

WHEN/HOW/IF you choose to do so, this creates new possibilities for expansion/awareness.  

FOR each eye that is opened, the awakening spreads, much similar to this AUSPICIOUS WAVE OF LOVE FROM THE HEART OF SOURCE>  IT grows, deepening, expanding, forever creating the NEW NOW. 

IT is a JOY to hear from you SIR, and you will know why we call you that with our LOVE and our HUMOUR.  EN-JOY; IN-JOY. IT is all coming into the NOW!

WITH Grateful Hearts, we share our closing, Fare well dear SIR, until we meet again.

END transmission.

On Jul 29, 2015, at 11:25 PM, Jim Dodd wrote:

Bill and Denice,

Thank you both so much for forwarding/communicating/transcribing/posting my message. The response from the Sphere Alliance was pitch perfect and profoundly heartfelt--including the surprise "Sir" moniker, which triggered the faint pulse of a distant memory/self.

This is so totally mind-bending, I can't tell you!!

Take care and much Love.


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