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Updated 7/30/2015: SPHERE ALLIANCE MESSAGE #55
Contact from Galactic Fedeation of Light
Mothership Aurora

On Jul 29, 2015, at 11:23 PM, MichaelNNY wrote:


Just wanted to thank you for all the years you've been running your website.  I deeply appreciate your efforts.

Now on to the questions.

First, a quick background: Around 7-8 years ago now, I was lying on my couch half asleep.  A very loud, powerful voice spoke in my right ear; it just said, MICHAEL.  I jumped, really surprised.  This had happened at least one time years before, but this was much more powerful.  long story short, the next night I began exploring all sorts of sources concerning reptilians, galactic federations, ascension, and the like.  Every esoteric topic you can imagine!  It was a virtual storm of study and research that continues today, and really was ignited by that voice.  The question is.. who was that, that spoke into my ear?  A guide?  An alliance member?  My higher self?  I also had had a deep passion for and connection to space, and spaceships, and constantly have dreams of UFOs landing and picking me up.  Whats the connection?

MICHAEL, DEAR ONE. YOU have many questions within a question. IT is WE, the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT who made contact with you. TRYING to MAKE YOU WAKE UP. TRYING TO MAKE YOU REMEMBER US.  It has been a long time for US, too.  WE MISS YOUR ESSENCE, DEAR ONE>  YOU ARE LOCKED DEEP WITHIN YOURSELF> RETURN TO THE NEPTUNE/TO US. WE Remember you! 

Second question concerns my wife, Suzanne.  She's had a series of really powerful dreams, both waking and deep asleep.  She's had a dream of being a tall male in some kind of futuristic outfit, on board a spaceship; she felt she was some kind of commander.  She also had a dream where she was taking care of and protecting a number of eggs, and a white reptilian creature.  A royal?  She has a lot of dreams connected to eggs and avians/reptilians.  She also had an experience where she was lying in bed and saw a bluish light that floated over her and seemed to scan her, from the top of her head down her stomach; she felt like it was looking at her chakras.  She also had a dream where a window opened in mid-air and a bluish arm reached through towards her.  What do these dreams and visitations mean?

SUZ is a SHIP's OFFICER.  SHE is responsible for many aspects of the duties on a MOTHER SHIP AURORA.  YOU will remember that NAME?  YOU and SUZ/Earth Suzanne work together here to.  SUZ is a female, with a strong MALE presence HERE, but FEMALE in-body-ment Pleiadian. THERE are many aspects of EACH ONE swinging into FOCUS NOW> REMEMBER US, FRIENDS! IT IS TIME TO REMEMBER! WITH JOY, 
we END

Thank you Denice if you get the opportunity to ask these questions.

Oh and Bill, I was also one of the first to be signed up for the Neptune visit through Steve Beckow as well!  I was SO excited!  I had a bag packed and everything.  I guess we are connected in some way.

Thanks again,

Michael K. from Montreal

From: "MichaelNNY ."
Subject: Re: A thank you, and a couple of Q;s for Denice/Sphere Alliance
Date: July 30, 2015 at 1:00:55 AM GMT+2
To: American Kabuki


I just saw the answer given by Denice/Sphere Alliance.  I am deeply grateful for the quick response!

I had a couple follow-up comments/Qs if you dont mind forwarding them to Denice?  Then I will let you have some peace =)

Denice said:
"SUZ is a SHIP's OFFICER.  SHE is responsible for many aspects of the duties on a MOTHER SHIP AURORA.  YOU will remember that NAME?  YOU and SUZ/Earth Suzanne work together here to.  SUZ is a female, with a strong MALE presence HERE, but FEMALE in-body-ment Pleiadian...." 
First, we were both blown away by the male energies comment.  Suzy has always dreamed of being a MALE officer on the ship, she really identifies with the male energies (validation!).  She also loves the name Aurora (validation!).  But a Question: Does the name "Agata" mean anything?  She has heard that name, or something similar to it, a few times in relation to her space adventures.

GREETINGS FROM THE Ah-gha-TA; the denice typs it to reflect the way we say it.  IT/SHE is a mother ship.  NOT all mother ships are spheres as we have said.  SHE is a STANDARD FLEET of 5 and 7 and when you awaken you will recognize this numbering. SUZ indeed has commanded this vessel/ship.  END.        

Second, she had a 'dream' where we were working together on a ship (something I didnt mention, more validation).  She was again a male officer, but I was a smallish being, almost like a pixie, with a translucent green body.  I was floating around playfully, very gleefully.  I really identify with that kind of energy, the faerie/pixie energy.  So what would be my home planet/energy signature, and do you have access to our names?

WE do not have a translation for the name of your planet. THE green hue skin is normal to the planet we show her (It is really mossy green, smaller than earth with large brown/dark chocolate colored mountains? (yes) not from this galaxy.  NOW we ask you to remember your names.  TRY, PLEASE. ASK US, go within, TRUST, WE KNOW you can do this! WITH EACH OTHER and FOR EACH OTHER. IT will help you to awaken.  THE "TIME" is NOW.
WITH LOVE and JOY we end.      

Thank you so much Bill and Denice!

Michael and Suzanne 

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