Thursday, July 30, 2015

...EARTH Physics has LAWS/functions/reasonings/theories

On Jul 28, 2015, at 11:35 AM, Theo G wrote:

If you're familiar with quantum physics and the double slit experiment, you'll know that when there is no observer, there's an interference pattern and when there is an observer, it has an outcome on the experiment. Essentially, the observer collapses the wave function of the particles and basically "creates" reality.

I know of someone who feels they are the "observer", or as the Sphere Alliance puts it, the "Vessel of transmission", in this whole experiment and just wanted to know if I'm right. I've followed my intuition all my life, which has been really rough lately (I live in Greece), but I listen none the less and when I read that statement, light bulbs started going off in my head. There have been many a night discussing reality with this individual and honestly, it would make a lot of sense considering some of the dreams I was told of. One in particular was basically hunting down dark entities to send them into the light with just a touch. They would do everything they could to avoid this touch.

It could in fact be you or it could be who I think it is. I just need to know what they have to say about it.

Thanks for all you've done.


OKAY, DEAR THEO.  WE ARE the Science Collective of the SHIP ALLTIRA. (having trouble transmitting that one for some reason –Denice)

WE say to you, yes, the EARTH Physics has LAWS/functions/reasonings/theories.  

WE say to you all laws/functions/reasonings are now cancelled/voided.  



ALL HARM/INJURY/DAMAGE is cancelled and in the 4d we are on the watch.  

SEE it fall to EARTH in your NOW.  

THE HARM/DAMAGE/INJURY falls away shortly.  

YOU have always worked with us and we herald you dear brother for your patience and perseverance.  

WE have much to reveal at the show and that is with JOY the end of our answer for you.  

End transmission.

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