Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #10 - The Dance Begins!

Update: I am renumbering this #10... there is a missing message from the 4th of July which you can read HERE ...which I will insert before this one...  -AK

As received by Denise

After I cleared the space and made my declarations, this was what they shared.  And it felt like a voice like Sean Connery! 

6 July 2015

We say to you this: The dance has begun.
        It will be a ballet....
                ...a waltz 
                   ...and then a jig. 

Many steps, many moves, and much beauty to see with your eyes open.  

We say to you this: Stand above the fray. Do not look down. Keep your heart centered. Breathe deeply our love for you (the human collective). 

This is the NOW we have been speaking of.  It begins.  A beautiful dance if you have eyes to see.

Stay steady dear heart. We are only a breath away.  

Our love and joy surrounds you all as this much awaited performance begins.  

You will know what to do when you go within your heart space. Nothing else matters.

With love and joy, we end transmission.

Sounds very promising!


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