Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #9 - July 4th
Freedom from Tyranny is a Choice

As received by Denise

4 July 2015

I am pure love I only accept messages of pure absolute love and truth.

We are here to celebrate with you.  

It is true that you cannot see us but we can see you.  

Your joy is spreading and rubbing out the fear, the fake fear, the proposed fear.  

It is this day that in your country you celebrate your freedom from tyranny.  

What if we told you there was never any tyranny? Then there would be no reason to celebrate this day.  The tyranny, the supposed tyranny was planned by a few to create this system, this illusion that you live in today.  

It was always for you to choose.  

You (collective you) could have chosen other... that was the energy at that time... the choice was made and the illusion continued.  

Funny you celebrate that choice over others.

We say to you this.  Be in joy.  The end is here.  It is not just “near” it is here!  

We see it. We know that you feel it.  We know that you know it.  You will see it too.

We send you our utmost joy and love and awe of your spirit.  You are at the end and we love you!

End transmission

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