Sunday, August 23, 2015


By American Kabuki

In this flood of data that has been coming out from the Sphere Alliance, are perceptions of the galactics that don't reflect what really IS.  ONE.  I AM.    They are as much a part of the experiment in separation as Earth was.

In my desire to perhaps summarize this mountain of data and recent events I have inadvertently presented it as REPORTING OF MY BELIEFs... RATHER THAN THE GALACTIC BELIEFS, and perhaps it became my beliefs while receiving all this new data.  Some of this data can be heady and addictive stuff, knowing what roles, and why it is you have a certain affinity to some people and even recognition at seeing them the first time.  I think in my case it has been a desire to remember all of my existence, and  I have a grand case of amnesia as to my roles over the eons.

In the last two years I have come from thinking of myself as singular and somewhat powerless, and a victim of circumstances to a greater understanding I create my own reality and I had a very big role in the creation of all this, WE ALL DID.  Perhaps I needed to go through a stage of knowing in part just the MANY roles I had played to know that I was not a limited as I had been brought up to believe by the society and situations I grew up.  We are all so much more than we know.

There is a certain restructuring of certain beings going on. It is not occurring the way I thought last week or anyone else expected. What seems to be happening is that which is not PURE LOVE is being removed from beings, and some beings do not exist in certain realms anymore to the same degree they once did and can now longer use their power to keep separation going.  Nobody is getting thrown into the central galactic sun or any other preconceptions or variants of that idea.  There is HUGE changes occurring in all realms.  What was separated is being reunited. 

Perhaps the best explanation is that of a gold bar foundry and the process of removing the dross (that which is not gold (in this analogy pure love) from molten gold.  The gold (PURE LOVE) was always there, it had just become mixed with what was not gold.  Perhaps the best thing to ask is what would PURE LOVE do in these situations?

I have put a certain ENERGY into this system of 1st Energy and 2nd Energy Strings devised by the Galactics, that I should not have put into it. Because all are I AM.  It doesn't matter the order of creation. IT TRULY DOESN'T MATTER. ITS ALL ONE.

I don't know yet how to best present this material.  I don't even know if I should at this point. This is something I have to work out over the next few days.  Maybe its enough to know I have played many roles over the eons and leave it at that. I don't desire to attach to either the hero roles or the opposite anti-heroic ones.  There has been roughly an equal spread of that among all beings.  A quantum balance if you will. I do need to let go of the roles.  Even a stage actor removes his/her makeup at the end of the play.

What I truly want is for all to BE I AM and UNDERSTAND its all ONE.   Its the only thing that really matters.  

I hope this makes sense. I have felt a bit unsettled the last few days, and now I know why.  I don't yet know the best way to accelerate my own growth in this regard, but as a friend  suggested to me today, it begins by asking the very question of "what it is I need to see to FEEL ALL I AM".  Its not enough to know it, its more important to feel it, for then you BE IT.

The only thing maintaining the veil now is beliefs.   I need to do my part to remove my own that no longer serve all of I AM.

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