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UPDATED: Quick Explanation of the terms First and Second String Energies as used by the Sphere Alliance

creator beings

UPDATED Aug 23, 2015: Please see this subsequent article as to certain perspectives in this post. -AK

By American Kabuki

The data collectors from the Sphere Alliance have a unique naming system for the original creator beings.  "The Originals" or the 11 1st Energy Strings were the first expansion of Source in knowing itself.   Source created 100 more which the Sphere Alliance calls 2nd Energy Strings and the combinations of those energy strings with the original 11 creates all beings in form and no-form. This is their way of organizing this history of existence so far.  

This is not PROOF of, or support for  a "spiritual hierarchy". Nor should it reinforce belief in hierarchies that limit the expansion of I AM in complete freedom.  This is not meant to be yet another system of worship or theology.   

111 is a unique number related to the quantum Solfeggio scale and for further details on that I suggest reading GW Hardin's material regarding the mathematics of the tours as discovered by Marko Rodin (it was always there Rodin was the just the first on earth to notice in modern times) and how it relates to the Solfeggio music tones and octaves.  7d, 6d, 5d, 4d, 3d... etc are frequency octaves of existence.  There are frequencies outside those ranges that were unknown to beings within those bands.

There is a danger as the data is presented currently that some will latch on to a new worship hierarchy directed either at the 11 originals, or the 100 other 2nd Energy strings from Source.  Prior to this point the 1st and 2nd Energy String beings have been hidden from view by the Angelic Realms and the "Divines/Ascended Masters". This is not about worship, nor is about being LESS THAN anything. And frankly what does a "Supreme Being" need with worship energy anyway, if they are truly powerful beings? This is a question that is seldom asked.  Religious reflexes would not be the best response to this data.  There is no need to worship what is already inside.  YOU ARE I AM. 

Some 2nd Energy String beings have already been returned to Source for re-issue, and the original 11 1st Energy String beings are not immune from that either if they stand in the way of ALL BEing I AM.   Each must make a choice to BE I AM, DO I AM and RECOGNIZE I AM in ALL BEings. 

Deletion and return to Source of any of the original 1st or 2nd Energy strings does not necessarily mean deletion of all beings created by that being.  I AM sees all BEings as I AM. There have been cases were entire lines of beings have been deleted for refusing to stop playing the game of separation which generates so much pain and suffering.  Some "divines" have been deleted, as well as a few worship energy harvesting beings posing as gods.  Some 1st and 2nd Energy strings see the beings they created as playthings rather than I AM.  That kind of thing is coming to an end.

I AM is ALL BEings and EVERYTHING in FORM and NO-FORM.  SOURCE IS FORM AND NO-FORM and EVERY THING.  There is no separation.  The faster that each of us come to knowing and more importantly FEELING we are all I AM the quicker this goes. 

This represents my best understanding as it exists August 19, 2015 and is subject to further refinement of details, but I thought it was important to post this explanation  first before presenting the other data that has come to us that has so many references to 1st and 2nd Energy beings.

Diagram of the illusion of Separation from Creator Source


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