Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #61
Cats and the Iran Meteor

1. Are house cats more than they appear?

Here in the alps is the most amazing collection of awake and aware cats I have ever seen.  In particular are three males, Umzaki who has markings that look like a mustache and goatee, IXSU, who has human like eyes and is extremely intelligent, and Tephirot who is the most peaceful serene animal I have ever met..

Are cats a type of BIU (biological interface unit)?  They have exceptional intelligence, agility, an eyesight, and seem to patrol the premises….

2. Also can you comment on the recent meteor in Iran


NOW the manner of CATS.  AS YOU KNOW there is an advanced civilization 5d/6d of FELINES and yes this includes the LION people and so many more, There are stripes of many colors, we say with JOY.  

THE FELINES you speak of on earth were a genetic marvel.  THE essence of the 6d can 'drop' into the little vessel and remain for extended periods of time.  In this manner a 'cat' on earth is a biological interface unit, but not technically, as a cat does not collect data, it just IS.  

THE earth cat transmutes energies, offers protections, erases magical constructs, and so much more. YOU will be intrigued by the MAGICAL component will you not?  HAVE you noticed the CATS around YOU BILL since 1992?  SO MANY have come into your experience / area / aura just to BE with you.  

THERE have been rare times that an essence not of the feline variety was permitted/allowed to visit earth through the cat vessel, but again this is rare and limited.  FOR the 'time' that it takes to adjust to the frequency of the Earth cat, the experience is almost over. END.

The METEOR that struck and yes we do say struck IRAN was more than a meteor.  It was an energetic signature.  NOT a weapon.  

IT was an energetic signature device that allows for continued interface with our awake friends and family and operatives in the region.  THERE is so much more than meets the eye.  OUR awake friends are preparing the ground so to speak. END.

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