Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Law of One is NOT ONENESS

On Aug 23, 2015, at 3:56 PM,  A reader wrote:
Bill,.........How did you come to the knowledge of RA's deception?  Why do 5D beings practice deception? [I would say some not all -AK]

Its quite obvious really….

The Law of One makes various implications that once one rises to 5D one can perceive a liar energetically. This is partly true… but what is not stated is was the widespread compartmentalization of data among realms, domains, and densities. In the absence of transparent data.. reliance is made on PRESUMPTION of the facts. No lying is required only sequestering or compartmentalization of the data.   That’s not unique to the higher realms, good Earth Lawyers are experts in only putting out enough data so that certain presumptions are made in their clients favor.  It goes on in law courts all the time.

The Law of One reflects a commercial system and hierarchy that was once present in the Universe which is currently being dismantled.  And even in the “higher" realms over time data and facts were forgotten.  

The deception was mostly about maintaining a system of commerce with planets and their populations in a system of separation.

The Law of One channelings name itself a deception, It TALKS of ONE, but then slices and DICES the ONE into a zillion bits.  ITS EITHER ONE, I AM,  or its NOT.    To know I AM you have drop the beliefs of separation.  The beliefs ARE the ultimate veil… [one that all realms currently suffer from -AK]

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