Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ah!….but what of that wave of galactic light?

Excerpted from the above eloquent posting by Sasha Stone..... 

Ah!….but what of that wave of galactic light?

It penetrates every atom, every quark, every lepton in our hologram……absolving the dark-seeds, the shadows and the legacy imprints of our limitless incarnations, provided we are standing in the perfect now, and open to that renewal. Provided we are meek enough to inherit the earth.

The pure-truth of ‘human’ cosmogenesis is far more worthy of our attention and our awe than all the illusory horrors of the hour! Consider that in the first instance we carry all the ascension codes in our DNA. We own the propensity for multidimensional expression in every instant of our be-ing and our do-ing. This means unfettered access to all planes of existence at any ‘time’ we choose. Provided we are in our innate state of grace, which is to say firing up on actuated pineal and 12 strand activated DNA. Thats a whole lot more than any reptilian-annunaki, atlantean-lemurian or sirian-plaedian is capable of achieving without hyper-dimensional technology and space-time manipulation, or human-blood come to think of it. It is in fact a whole lot more substance than was ever carried within the memes of those angry Gods of old….the Zeus’s, Yahweh’s, Jehova’s or merciful Allah’s.

Pretty damned special….and that is the point. It is precisely why generational satanism has sought, and continues to seek to anchor our plane of reality to a feedback cycle of entropic harvesting. Of atom-smashing, space-time-shredding freakery. In order that the lower realms of emergent expression can continue to vicariously live through humankind and our plane, unlawfully, by stealth, and by coopting unwitting consent.

Yet, each mortal soul is perfectly attuned and hardwired for whatever journey it is on.

Not a single thing, relationship or event can manifest on our radar screen until or unless we are perfectly ripe for attending to it. We were never a victim of circumstance, not for one incarnatory instant…..ever. Know this, and you begin to merge with the event-horizon within. This is where we actuate that zero-point harmonic….via it’s carrier….the simple 33Hz resonant value. A value which, when perfectly aligning human bio-technology with the paramagnetics of earth and dielectrics of the ethers…..activates our telegraph directly to source. It unites us mind, body and soul with the hyper dimensional mechanics of immortality and bliss, not to mention the universal library of all that is. Radiating the most powerful force in the universe, the empathic long-form wave  which issues from an activated psionic-heart-mind. Here we learn that we can bend time and freely traverse space. Thus homo-sapiens emerge as Galactic royalty, sons and daughters of G-d, temporal conduit (and point of absolution) for all lower expressions as they begin their own sentient journey toward immanent light.

This sacred quanta is where the ecstatic and the diabolical within and without us finally lay down their arms and give way to the ineffable. Absolving all fear and all shadow into knowing. Transmuting the old world into the new earth in the blink of an eye.

Soon we will be invited to do this as a collective of awakened souls. A heraldic chorus of bodhisattvas threading that camel through the eye of a needle. Not as an enigmatic and improbable riddle, but as a function of unbridled quantum joy. This has never happened before – could not have happened before. Which is why entering the flame and actuating self (pure-truth) in the ‘now’ – dispels all that is illusory, and finally coheres us to the mechanics of innate immortality and divinity.

Put your seatbelt on peeps, we’re going for a ride, and it is the quintessential reason you and I were born….lets get to it.

In Grace,

Sacha Stone

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