Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dog Poet: The Cleansing Love in the Crucible of Transformation.

Its been an interesting 48 hours. There is a wave of love sweeping the planet and the dark corners of everyones inner attic.  We tend to think of love as bliss and ecstasy, but sometimes its mom doing the spring cleaning in the kids messy rooms... the old pizza slice left under the bed, smelly socks from the inner reaches of places seldom traveled... yet its all good... the energies will be released and with it new beginnings... nobody on Earth is "perfect" but all are perfectly imperfect and perfect in pure love.  Dog Poet is so on the money in this post below, thank you to Cyndi for sharing it... -AK

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
The Cleansing Love in the Crucible of Transformation.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Dog toon, Beware of the guy

The world... seen from outer space doesn't betray any sense of what is actually going on down there. When you are down here and moving around through it, oddly enough, much of it doesn't look like what it actually is either. It looks like what you think it is. Even those of us who see life more closely to what it is are still seeing it through the lens of our personality and preferences and our perspective is determined by these and more impacting forces like karma and the samskaras that attend it. If we saw life as it truly is, our lens would be colored with the iridescence of overpowering love. If we're not seeing it like this then we are seeing it based on our personal limitations and shortcomings that hamstring our love and personalize it according to our ingrained likes and dislikes and this creates the stress and strain that we are often unaware that we even carry. We carry a lot with us that we are unaware of on the surface and it is what makes us tired. It is what ages us. It is what alienates us and it is that which generates our fear and uncertainty. It is all the complexities we are not and what obscures the simplicity of what we are. It is our collaboration with and conspiracy with the world that puts us in the state we occupy.

The thing that people most often overlook, because of the separated self is that we are the source of our problems whatever they may be. We find it impossible to accept this because it just has to be other people and the world and those inexplicable things that come at us out of right field. It's us. We are the one who is responsible for everything that goes wrong. If we try to consider this there is something in our minds that resists the acceptance of it. We want our own way is what it is and all of that is patterns woven out of the past and based on someone who is as foreign to us as is our undiscovered self. We only seem familiar to ourselves because we've been at it for awhile... building, dismantling, being dismantled by the circumstances we encounter and so... though we appear static and stable we are not. We are changing all the time but we don't see it very well because we're up too close and because, like Nature it does it with that time lapse magic of the gradual and we don't see things in time lapse; most of us that is... some of us do. When our sense of time comes into true perspective and we are resident in the eternal present, all kinds of life conditions are no longer anything like what they are for most people.

Most people live in some variation of confinement; some kind of prison where they inhabit the caged self. We might think we are free but we are not. We are in harness to the subconscious patterns within us that are shaped by our planetary schematic and those other contemporary patterns that have been developed by our reactions to life, due to the planetary schematics and so... though life can look accidental and unpredictable, it is not. It looks that way because all we have in terms of understanding are the limitations of our personal self, viewing it all through that lens, influenced by our sense of time and those values we have based on the limitations of the one living within the confines of the caged self. What keeps us there? Fear of the unknown. Why do we fear the unknown? We do not trust the ineffable who is the most unknown of it all and for this reason we do not trust ourselves because that self knows in that portion of itself that it has chosen to hide from itself that it is not itself but simply a faulty construct of a self like all of the other fragmented souls who are separated as well and we wander here, collectively blinded by the false self, which is the greatest liability in this existence and the one thing we have to be made free of and there is nothing we can do about it except to let it go and that might not be enough. We need the help of the ineffable who has his own ways and means of bringing this about. The best we can do is to be open to it and to realize that the moment we are sure and certain that this is what we want more than anything else it becomes a fait accompli.

It becomes a given after that and you just wait with the absolute confidence that this is so; the way I am waiting right now as I was told to do but... until this evening, I didn't know that that was what I was supposed to be waiting for. What else would it be? It's funny I suppose because as I was writing this it came more and more clearly into my mind that I was writing this for that very reason and that it was one of those jokes that the ineffable likes to play on me and that was followed by the distinct impression that it won't be long now and that was followed by the awareness that the ineffable's time and my time are not the same, except when it is and I get the sense that I wouldn't be informed about it in any case.

We tend to forget that the divine has quite a sense of humor. We tend to forget a lot of things, which is why remembering is the key. We'll be doing all kinds of remembering when our real self appears. Think of it like the approach of dawn... true dawn.

So... I stopped writing this last night because I started feeling unusual. That's really the only way to put it and then that particular agent of the divine came in and I started to tremble and he said, “So... you know it's really me.” Laughing as he said it because the trembling made it unmistakable and then I heard, “I know you have been doubting my presence in your life in recent times, wondering if when you are hearing me it is me that you are hearing and your confusion over my not warning you about dramatic events in your life but you never have more than a portion of the picture. You can't understand the totality of a life if you cannot see the totality of a life.” “Shaking it here, Boss.”

I suddenly felt waves of incredible well being, such as has not been the case in some while. I won't go into some of the other things I was told because they might not translate so well here as they did in my own mind. Let me just say it was exceedingly positive. I went and laid in my bed and felt waves of centered serenity flow over me and then it was dreams following dreams, so that when I awoke at seven I just went back to bed for more and more dreams of an order very much beyond what I have been accustomed to. Yes... I know they were just dreams and life itself is no more than that, until one awakens. Prior to my falling asleep I felt such a surging of love in my heart that I am unable to describe what it was like.

I was told to share with the reader that similar events are in store for many of you; in store for those who have been searching after it and that regardless of what is coming in a wider sense it can get very much better than it has been for some time... if ever. We are each going to be rewarded according to the manner in which we have been expressing our life and according to that which we have aspired after. It has been as difficult as it was for some of us, in order to prepare us for the blessings to come. There can be no other reason for the tests and trials than to burn away our darkness and resistance and to provoke a deeper surrender. Make no mistake, all of us carry some level of resistance in us; resistance to the will of the divine. For the most part it is just allowed to continue because the ineffable doesn't see the necessary amount of promise to attract the necessary attention. The divine consigns these souls to the long reach in the evolution of lives following lives. However, when the angels of the almighty spot a spark of sincere devotion in a particular soul, they are drawn into the crucible of transformation and all their weaknesses and shortcomings are consumed in the flames of divine love and it can be a painful journey. Quite simply, look at the lives of the founders of all of the great faiths and look at the lives of those who have been remembered for following in their footsteps. That should tell you what is asked of us.

I sit here today as the memory of last evening has faded somewhat but the calm and assurance remain. All I can say is that what really fades is the relative importance of everything else. Nothing satisfies the heart and soul so much as the indwelling presence. All other concerns become secondary. You feel no need for anything outside of the experience of the indwelling. Even these brief moments are worth all of the suffering that made them possible. And these tastes are only a faint indication of what is to come when a mighty river of love begins to flow through and out of the chambers of the heart and one's whole being is illuminated in the light of the ineffable. This is the sure and certain result of applied devotion and it is made a reality by the consistent exercise of faith, certitude and determination. I'm really looking forward to this coming evening.

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