Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Growing our wings

So today we'll start with a song... it's one I heard, acapella, at two different schools today. Sung by children, boys and girls, age 5 to 55+. The writing of this post took place before the songs did... Both were unplanned. I think they provide the perfect theme... Here is the link.

The most profound gift we have to offer is ourselves. It is something we have always with us. It is all that we came here with, and will be the only thing we take with us upon exiting. By definition then, it is rare and without equal; this is your moment to share it.

It is useful in any situation, with any population, at any locale. It is not dependent on finances, position, title or education.

If you can find no other reason to love yourself today, use this one. There is none other than you. You are intentionally present whether aware of it or not. You are here to contribute. What you came to give is you.

Within, you hold the truth. You may not think you do, but it’s there. It’s like deleting something from a hard drive. It isn’t ever permanently deleted – you just can’t see it on the directory. You have only removed the pointer to it (not the data itself).

It feels like that’s what we are doing now – locating the pointers to internal truth.

We’ve each worn many hats, costumes and titles. What is constant about each of them is you.

The hats are interesting. The costumes can be entertaining topics of discussion. As in “What was I thinking???”. Yet they are not you, not now, and not relevant.

You are entering unlimited. Notions of bringing the “past” into the NOW serve to pre-define you. If what you are out to do is return to what you were, this works perfectly.

If not, you can now take advantage of those deleted pointers. You actually don’t need them. It’s upon you to build new ones, more to your liking.

Make them flexible, invisible, bendable or don’t make them at all. The possibilities are infinite.

Infinity is hard to wrap your head around. We have habits of being, expectations created by a life lived fully. No one is more of a task master than you. Standards of behavior are mostly put there by you.

If there was a theme to this blog and this moment it would be “Letting go”. Once those words are applied to every facet of your life, expansion happens. The song we started with has been sung to me all day today… live spontaneous performances that only serve to validate the current mood. “Let it go”.

As we let go personally, we’ll simultaneously witness a global release. It is happening on every scale. Governments, financial systems, beliefs and long held dogmas are dissolving, changing, re-forming. The only way this is possible is if it also happens here. In your life. To you.

You are dissolving, changing and re-forming. While that happens, old data-pointers aren’t helpful. Notice them, breathe and allow a new pointer to emerge. This new one won’t change you – it will re-direct you. Who you are remains the same. I did not say your costume stays, I said you do.

This time of massive shifting can feel uncertain and shaky. It is tempting to want to hold on to judgments and ideas that used to define you. They feel solid and not much else does right now. It’s a wobbly time.

Remember “Weebles”? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” Maybe that’s because they figured out how to fly.

That’s what we’re doing. To hell with data pointers. We are growing wings.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With love,


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