Thursday, September 3, 2015

Surrender, allow the song

We are moving inevitably towards a moment of what some would call surrender.  Do you know how this word is defined?  “To cease resistance and submit”.  This is not a giving up or a giving in to anyone.  This is an allowing.

Love is here.  It has always been.  It is our own hearts that have locked it away and controlled its movement.  We will have to “cease resistance” if we are going to allow it in.  We will have to submit to its truth.

Its power is in collaboration not control, unity not hierarchy, natural consequences not abuse, responding not reacting, encircling not isolating, and allowing not resisting.

There are some of us still afraid or embarrassed or prideful.  They imagine there is such a thing as defeat and do not want to admit it.  Defeat is a lie.  There is no loss in love.

Here’s the thing.  We are ready.  Withholding, of any bit of feeling or piece of information, is unnecessary.  We are standing now in our full magnificence, listening for our cue.  It’ll come when more of us have assembled.  Our essence is oozing out all over the place and we are poised for action.

Each of us comes with roles and areas of expertise, jobs and specialties.  What you came for is clear to the rest of us.  There is no place to hide, no reason for pretense.  We know.  There is clarity now.

Alone we will face our most fearsome demons and discover that these things stopping us are mere window dressings and costuming.  There will be no casualties.  There are consequences and responses to who it is we have been and what it is we have done.  This is how things work, how life operates.

Yesterday and tomorrow do not matter.  What is real is now.  Embrace it in fullness and it will yield to you its wonder.

Now we do not need to hear of the past.  Now we do not need promises for the future.  We’ve been provoked.  Now it is upon us to create.  Not as a reaction but as a response.  This is what gods do.

We are here to initiate an era, to allow love, to embrace oneness.  We are not here to name, blame, point at or ridicule ourselves.  Oneness is truth.
Not much surprises or shocks us.  There are no reasons for arrogance or shame.  Those emotions played themselves out and exposed all the players.  What is left now is us.

An invisible Maestro has orchestrated this glorious piece with an ear for every instrument.  We are the Maestro – listening, pausing, playing and giving our all.  Every one of us is needed and will jump in right on cue.  Listen.  Allow our song to sing you its signal.  Your moment is here.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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