Saturday, October 17, 2015

GAIA PORTAL: Productions of Higher Energies commence in earnest

AK NOTE: The "time keeper" device in London that kept humanity entrained into the illusion of time is now disabled. Time illusion thought forms are no longer self-sustaining and self-reinforcing.  They cannot persist. Welcome to the NOW.

Replicator tech and Free ("as in free beer" Is it free energy if you have to buy the devices and their expensive feed stocks from system corporations? Everyone knows what "free beer" means) Energy devices, which are pre-placed  in the cargo holds of over 300 merged Sphere Alliance spheres (also known as "Cities of Light") around the planet.   Also creation/manifestation ITECH now comes to the fore. Replication tech are just manifestation amplifiers.  -AK

Productions of Higher Energies commence in earnest
by √ČirePort

Productions of Higher Energies commence in earnest.

Refinements follow.

Standards of Higher Vibrations are instituted.

Mass releases soon to commence.

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