Wednesday, December 16, 2015

As We Shift - 10 Questions

Do you give help?
Do you “do” share?
Do you say yes?
Do you have hope?
Do you see love?
Do you “think” peace?
Do you feel joy?
Do you know truth?
Do you hold light?
Can you let go?

After several hours and pieces of crumpled up paper, what’s left is only the last question: “Can you let go?”

So let’s start there.

There is ever only one reason to hang on, and that is fear.  We are a fearful bunch.

It manifests differently for each of us, like wearing an assortment of costumes.

I know you don’t want to hear this, yet these are outfits we still wear – loneliness, poverty, illness and anger are just a few.

If you are hanging on to some FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL (FEAR), you’ll stop yourself from truly being seen by another, which is intimacy; the solution for loneliness.  If you are hanging on to a belief in “not enough”, you will know poverty.  If you hang onto anxiety on any level – illness has fertile ground in which to take root.  If you fight what shows up, in your day or your heart or your spirit or your life – you’ll know anger.

We’ve all felt these things.  Yet they do not define us.  We are defined only now.  We can choose again with wide open eyes.

This has not been easy or straightforward.  There were never any promises that it would be.  There were guarantees however.  Not the “Money Back” kind or the “100% Satisfied” kind.  No.  This was a guarantee of outcome.  What we are shifting to is known.  It is the other 9 things we started asking about –


For light is what we are.  And when all is said and done, and you are asked how you did it?  How you pulled off the most incredible transformation in creation?  You’ll repeat # 10.  You’ll say: “I let go.”

For nothing is worth hanging on to, not pride or agenda or grudge or a belief or a point or a name or love or twenty bucks.  There is someone always who needs what you are hanging on to – more than you do.

The wonderful thing about our illusion is that giving it away creates more.  We set it up that way.  So when this moment came, and it seemed as if all was lost or forgotten or never going to change; we’d remember to let go.

Let go.  It is the only thing left to do.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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