Monday, December 7, 2015

As we shift - Light the Way with 12 Phrases

These are heady times.  We are coming into our own.  Actualizing the fullness of our potential.  At least in our minds.  Yet, what about the rest of it? How do we pull what we know is true, into our every day?

We did not learn this from our parents.  We were not taught this in our schools.  We have seen no demonstrations of it on television, tablet or you tube. 

The possibility of magic exists only in fairy tales and children’s shows.  Arenas of the child, not places for grownups.

Yet, if you consider some definitions and synonyms – springing straight from some very adult sources – you may change your mind.

Remember that every facet of our lives has been manipulated, for generations before this one.  Part of that “handling” includes the language we’ve heard and been subsequently using ourselves.

Words are powerful creators.  Period.  Do not keep your most cherished dreams unspoken.  For if you do, they will remain there, struggling to see the light of day.  You’ll have to open the door and your mouth and let them free.  Then, step aside.  Allow the Universe to do its work.

Let’s start with a dream, any desire at all.  It could be –
A new coat
A home
New shoes
A parking spot
Anything at all…

Regardless, you want it NOW.  You want instant creation.

According to, what you are looking for is also known as:

Direct Appearance
Prompt Production
On the Spot Expression
Fast Formation
Swift Demonstration
Quick Creation
Precise Imagination
Wide Awake Formation
Alert Engendering
Apt Arousal
Rapid Genesis
Immediate Source

There are many more, yet the point is made.  These are words our associative brains relegate to fantasy, childhood, magic, sex, or religion.  Once placed in these specific categories, they are forgotten.  Yet these are powerful, and so far, vastly unused words.  It is time to unleash them.  We are entering unlimited.  The possibilities you’ve been dreaming of need fertile soil as well as encouragement in order to blossom.

We’ve never done this before.  We’ll need all available ingredients for our recipe in order to create. This one is from scratch, there is nothing pre-made we can throw together.  Not if we want a masterpiece.

If “genesis” holds too much baggage, try “imagination”.  If “immediate” seems too lofty, try “quick”.  Pick something.  You’ll know it when you say it.  You’ll feel it.

Everything necessary to create this dream is found in you.  Its been hidden beneath rules and shoulds, control and manipulation.  No longer.  Once we let go the stranglehold on ideas and words and dreams and possibilities – we enter unlimited.  It is from there we began and from here we begin anew.

You are a brilliant light.  You are here to illuminate this golden age, which has already begun.  It’s right here, in your heart.  You’ve been told that it’s all illusion, which is true.

Illusion is another term for imagination, which is another way of saying creation. This is what we do with every breath.  Think of each one you take as SPONTANEOUS ILLUSION, and let nothing hold you back. We are all waiting to see what you exhale next.  Show us. 

We are the ones we are waiting for.

With so much love,


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