Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Sun

US National Weather Service Amarillo Texas. Photo taken and provided by Joshua Thomas. Taken in Red River, NM the morning of January 9, 2015.

Thanks to KK for pointing this out. -AK

Blossom Goodchild - January 10, 2015

Blossom Goodchild - January 10, 2015

Hello there, and welcome to the year of 2015. I was wondering if it would be appropriate for you to give us a message, as to what YOU see this coming year holding for us?

In greatest of Loving Energy Dearest Souls, we join in communion with you all once again. In the passing of the old year into the new, there has been an exchange of Energy between that which no longer served … and bringing through that of a New Energy. A Higher Energy that you shall discover … to your delight … assists you greatly in the lifting of your spirit -self into a place that brings much joy.

Along with the festivities of your Christmas time … which can create a tiredness, due to possible indulgence of many things … this exchange of Energy has also brought a tiredness as it makes its ‘swapp’. In the letting go of the old … it is allowing the body to release toxins and certain biological deformities that must be rid from your immediate inner functionings.

When you say ‘swapp’ … what exactly do you mean?

We mean that you are ‘swapping’ this Energy for that which serves you … to a much Higher benefit.

Yet, who/what/where/when are we swapping this Energy with?

You are sending it back into a ‘place’ where it can once again be renewed into a finer source. Therefore, it is not discarded … simply recycled, if you like … and re-energised, so that it is once again of use.

How is this done?

It is a blending/merging with Energies that are Higher than itself. A gradual remixing. Rather attune to adding a mixture to a cake … a little at a time … in order to get the exact consistency, so that it may rise.

So, with these Higher Energies ... what can we expect?

You can expect a FEELING of elation that has not yet been experienced. You are moving into the next phase in this year ahead. Much preparation has been worked upon and much commitment of mind, body and soul has led you to the entrance of a Higher doorway … of which you are able to enter at any given point … that you feel ready to do so.

Creation vs Control

Creation vs Control
by American Kabuki

This is an emerging set of thoughts so I will do my best with what is not completely formed within my own being.  During my conversations over the last 15 years with GW Hardin, there was one in which he discussed with me some very secretive explorations of the universe were done by I believe some very secretive government researchers with technologies that allowed them to peer into other universes.  They found that Universes that had no freedom, were somewhat geometric and devoid of life forms.  It seems that life itself thrives on the knife edge of chaos, which is not randomness at all but structures of very complex energies and influences. Life thrives where choice and love thrives. We have a rich universe of life because of choice and a certain letting go of control by Source - yet Source is within each being as it makes its choices and we've seen in recent years Source exerting direct control through embodiments free will choices to bring the experiment in separation to a closure.

Kevin Kelly in his book out of control lists the ability to let go of control, as one of the defining characteristics of a God, because in doing so the truly unexpected creation happens.  So do some events that we may not like at an individual level.  And that experience generates in us a desire for control.

The duality upon earth has been phrased as DARK vs. LIGHT, yet what human is without either of those aspects?  A policeman kills a gun wielding murderer in his tracks, and protects a hundred others. Yet he killed a human just like the murderer.  Hard to judge things based on just acts, and even harder to judge the intent when you don't know the heart.  Judging is a messy business all around as it assumes there is an "OTHER" that is separate.

I was trained in logic. I love truth.  Its clean and there's no after-taste or blowback although it can sting like hell in the short term.  I have had people lie to me in the purest of intent.  Was that dark or light?  Tough call to make and not mine to judge. What I do know is that lies caused me more grief than the truth ever did.

One person creates an elaborate illusion to protect the lives of their family, and it was believed. Was that dark or light? Tough call to make? I saw only love at work. Would I have have done it that way? No. And the complications were enormous. But I have my own life and journey.  No judgement. I had a blogger try to make the argument to me last summer that "sometimes you had to tell a lie for a higher good".  I stopped carrying their blog posts. It didn't set well with me.  My stomach knotted. Seen this before. The "higher good" is a judgement that says they know more what is "the higher good" than you do. If you feel I can't handle the truth and must be managed and controlled as to what truth I get, I won't carry your writing. Because to me its manipulation and judgement rolled into one. I am pretty simple that way.  Told me much though of what to expect in the months that followed.  It was about control. I knew that last July.  Didn't know how it was going to play out but play out it did. And when they didn't control the people close to them they came unhinged.  I have never seen such rage emerge from a person. They were, how shall we say? Out of control? Acceptance is tough, and its not exclusively a feminine ability.

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