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And what you are, the one next to you is, as well.
– The Council

And what you are, the one next to you is, as well. – The Council

February 4, 2015

Ron's Channeled Messages, The Councils

We would speak with you on this day regarding several concepts that underlay our messages during this time. These will be familiar to many of you. They do, however, bear repeating. And it is also good for those who are aware of these things to remember that each and every day more of those around you are awakening and will need to begin remembering, will need reminding.

And why do we say reminding? That is because these are things which are very much an integral part of the masterful beings which you are, but which most of you were unable to take with you in your awareness when you were birthed into form. As you rise in frequency, you will become aware of these things, but we wish to aid you in doing so and thereby help the entire planetary consciousness in its journey. This is incrementally increasing in upward velocity day by day at this crucial time.

Some of these concepts are these. You are divine beings, masters who have agreed, indeed requested, that you be allowed the opportunity to be present at the time of this awakening. And as masters are exactly what was needed, you were granted this request. There were billions of slots to fill, many of which were not going to be comfortable in the slightest, and yet you did not shrink from the tasks. Your efforts are honored and appreciated, and the time will come when you know that. Also, know that there is nothing needed where you are that is not available to you. Each of you has had many, many lifetimes from which wisdom and experience, knowledge and ability, can be drawn.

We wish you all to know, also, that this council which is speaking to you now is always available to you when and if you request our help. That is and always has been our function and reason for being. Whatever your need is or may be, it is possible for us to fill. If the specific holder of the knowledge or experience necessary is not with us at the time of your request, they will be, and instantly. There is nothing, and we repeat, nothing that may be needed for this monumental task which will be withheld from you.

Also, please know that you are now accompanied, are in the company of, millions of others all across your planet who are receiving these same messages in whatever language they understand and in whatever images are compatible with their cultures. You are most definitely not alone.

We spoke repeatedly over the last several years of a snowball effect. We used images of floods, tides, and avalanches. We know that many of you now are feeling the accuracy of these descriptions as the Great Change picks up pace now. Remain steadfast in your intent and focus a bit longer. You will not be disappointed. All that has been promised by you, to you, will be yours. We say ‘by you’ because you are a part of this council.

We will continue to impress upon you these reminders of what you have done and are doing. We do this so that you will begin to remember who you are, so that you will take heart and appreciate yourselves all the more. While your humility becomes you, your thinking less of yourselves does not. You are co-creators with the Source, the All-that-is, the I AM. Many of you understand this concept somewhat. Our goal is that you remember it in the very depths of your being. And what you are, the one next to you is, as well.

Many on this council have spent lifetimes where you are in order to bring these concepts to you. Many of you have done also. It is gratifying to see these ideas and ways of being begin to blossom so widely. We thank you. It is a joyous thing.

Good day.

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Benjamin Fulford: 2-3-2015
The West in de facto civil war
as cabal rule continues to collapse

The views below are those of Benjamin Fulford.  Interesting data in this one, I also noticed the article in the Times of Israel, which seemed to be a very big signal that things are changing and Israel will begin to clean its own house. 

There is no fundamental reason that Jews and Muslims can't live in peace, they have centuries of doing exactly that in Morocco and other countries, they do after all have the same prophets and their languages have common roots.  The violence had a political purpose, not a religious one.   -AK

The West in de facto civil war as cabal rule continues to collapse
Posted by benjamin, February 3, 2015

Western civilization is now in a de facto state of civil war as cabal rule continues to collapse. It is a financial, information and military war being raged by factions that transcend national borders. And, it is coming to a climax.

The main battlegrounds in the military sense are the Middle East, the Ukraine and Libya. What we see in each of the places is the Nazionist faction fighting desperately for survival. In Libya and the Middle East they are fighting to seize oil resources needed to stave off bankruptcy. In the Ukraine, the Nazionists, in addition to seeking gas, are fighting to create a new homeland for themselves after an expected expulsion from Israel and the United States.

On the financial front, the European Union is struggling to prevent the new Greek government’s vow to cancel debt from destroying the EU financial system. In the United States the corporate government is frantically trying to scrape up survival money before February 17th, the time they have been given to find funds after missing a January 31st payment deadline.

There are also many other incidents taking place around the world connected the ongoing battle to end Babylonian debt slavery and free humanity.

Let us start with a closer look at what is happening in the Ukraine. According to Russian intelligence, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s real name is Valshman. Citing New York court records, the Russians say he is a dual Israeli US citizen of Romanian ancestry who took on his wife’s name to appear Ukrainian. He was installed in power by a Nazionist mercenary army as part of a project by a faction of Ashekenazi Jews seeking to reclaim their Khazarian homeland. According to the Times of Israel

“A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums has just issued a secret report to the government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars.”

The realization dawning on many Jews of European ancestry that Israel was never their ancestral homeland, together with dismal independent survival prospects for that colony of brainwashed militants, is what has led to the ongoing project to create “Khazaria 2.0” in the Ukraine.

This brings us to the mysterious fire last week at a Russian depository of ancient Slavic documents and many other rare and valuable documents. Was this arson aimed at destroying historical evidence backing Slavic claims for the Ukraine? It is a good guess.

In any case, the plan to create a new Khazaria is not going well at all. For one thing, the would be Khazarians (not to be mistaken for citizens of the modern nation state of Khazakhstan) are using not very eager foreign mercenaries to fight for them against people fighting to defend their ancestral homeland. For another, the Western oil companies, who were the source of much of the financing for the mercenary army, are getting cold feet. Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Marathon and Eni have all recently announced they are leaving the region. If I was a betting man, I would not bet on Khazaria 2.0.

The situation in the Middle East is also looking grim for the Israelis and their ISIS mercenary army. What is going on with ISIS in the Middle East is really an American civil war by proxy. On the one hand, you have the Pentagon fighting against ISIS. On the other hand, ISIS recruiters captured in Pakistan and elsewhere are saying they are getting their funding from the United States. ISIS fighters are being treated in Israeli hospitals and ISIS propaganda is being sent out the world via Jerusalem, according to British intelligence.

So here we have Pentagon troops fighting American financed mercenaries using US weapons and headed by an “El Bhaghdadi” who is really Mossad agent Simon Elliot. If this is not civil war by proxy, what is it?

A clear sign of this seen in the corporate media is the bitter rift between Pentagon spokesperson Barack Obama and top Nazionist Benyamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu is set to make a speech in March to the bribed acting troupe known as the US Congress and Senate. Obama is telling Netanyahu he is not welcome. CIA sources, meanwhile, are saying that Netanyahu is going to be killed by his own people.

It is also now increasingly clear that the whores in Congress and the Senate are no longer being offered the fascist security presence they are used to. Take a look at this widely broadcast video to see what I mean.

This sort of event inside a government hearing would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago. Many of the protesters seen there calling Henry Kissinger a war criminal are, by the way, Jewish, according to a Washington based source who works with them.

Meanwhile, the US corporate government faction supporting Obama is also in trouble. The Asian elders refused to roll over US corporate debt that came due on January 31st, according to Chinese government sources. That is why the Obama regime is trying to finance itself with a series of drastic tax hikes mislabeled “Obamacare.” Obama has also announced plans to seize money being earned or held overseas by US corporations.

The backing of the US dollar with gold is also adding to US woes because a strong dollar is very bad for the real US economy. In January, 87% of US companies lowered their earnings expectations because of the impact of the strong dollar.

They are hurting because they cannot competitively export with the dollar at current rates. As mentioned many times in the past, the interests of the international US dollar and the US economy are at odds. The US dollar is now linked to gold, the Chinese Yuan, the Pound Sterling and the Swiss Franc. It is not an American currency. The Americans need to issue their own independent currency.

The financial situation in Europe is even worse than that of the US. It turns out the reason the EU is so reluctant to reduce Greek debt is that a house of cards of over $100 trillion worth of derivatives would collapse if the Greek bond card was taken out at the bottom. However, the new Greek government is determined to stop the looting of the Greek economy to support bankers.

Symbolically, one of new Greek President Alexis Tsirpas’s first moves as President was to lay flowers at a spot where Nazis murdered members of the Greek resistance during World War 2. He claims Germany still owes Greece 160 billion Euros in compensation for Nazi war crimes. Tsirpas has been assigned Russian special forces troops to prevent his assassination, according to US naval intelligence.

Now, the French, Spanish and Italian governments are all now supporting the cancellation of Greek debt. This is because they are all also being crushed by debt burdens.

Another sign the Western Babylonian debt slavery is in trouble is the fact that 16% of government bonds issued worldwide now offer negative interest rates. Denmark has even started issuing mortgages with a minus 0.3% interest rate. This sounds like a bargain until you realize that all the bank is doing is putting numbers in a computer saying they have rights to 20 or 30 years’ worth of a large percentage of the mortgage holders’ hard earned income. People are catching on to this now in increasing numbers and have begun to demand the abolishment of debt slavery.

There has also been a break in the ongoing secret investigation of cabal nuclear terror incidents like 311, according to MI5 British intelligence. UK Prime Minister James Cameron “has been connected to arms deals ever since his first job at Conservative Central Office on coming down from Oxford. This involved the brokering of six nuclear warheads manufactured in a joint South African – Israeli project in the 1970’s -80’s through John Bredenkamp.” Israel’s Netanyahu has also been extensively fingered by the Pentagon and others as being involved in nuclear terror incidents including 311. These people will soon have nowhere to hide and no-one to protect them.

The “purported beheading” (as multiple corporate media reports put it) of a Japanese journalist last week by ISIS was another turning point. The Japanese know who is really behind ISIS and will be seeking revenge.

Finally, there was one very promising bit of information sent to this writer last week by Jewish Kabalists. They claim the recent false flag incident in France involving the supposed murder of journalists at the magazine Charlie Hebdo was a secret message. According to them, Hebdo means seven (hepta in Greek) and symbolizes not only the Sabbath but also a once in seven years rest for the land jubilee or cancellation of debt and redistribution of assets. From the book of Deutoronomy: “At the end of every seven years, you shall celebrate the remission year. The idea of the remission year is that every creditor shall remit any debt owed by his neighbor and brother when God’s remission year comes around.” They also spoke of a once in seven seven (49) years jubilee when not only was debt cancelled but land was redistributed. It sounds like they are trying to negotiate a surrender.

GAIA PORTAL: Star families are reconnected

Star families are reconnected
by √ČirePort

Starkness of apparent divides increases prior to upliftment.

Necessary clarifications appear.

Firensic latitudes create the openings for next phase.

Meldings have finished.

Star families are reconnected.

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