Saturday, April 4, 2015



The next world is unbroken and open...
The next unity is a love that brings 2 creations closer...
The next time is imminent and shining...
It is just as 7 colors dancing beyond the horizon...
The tonal spheres are spiraling in from a center trace
--- where a little child appears from within the light...

This one image has 4 figures:
And the array of semblance appears through them
-- the others are but a silhouette in form...

Be not afraid -- the trustworthy and pure is all that is left...
Our messengers have come to teach you about what is,
what was, and what will be:
-- in order for you to understand the invisible world
-- and the world that is visible...
There is a pulse that stirs now.
It is an unwavering union within the hearts of the confessing.
Raise your eyes to the needs of tomorrow.
Understand the lessons retrieved through the density of desire.
Share the miracle of life with them that are in stillness
and cannot perceive.
Declare to the creation itself,
and any others who have received the spirit of divine love.

This is the time to see...
The kingdom is in the sky and the birds await.
Even so, the kingdom is in the sea, and their the deep awaits...
A greater kingdom yet awaits inside
once peace is made outside of you!

When you come to know yourselves, 
then you will become known.
When there are two that become one;
-- when the inside becomes like the outside;
-- when the below likens the above;
and when you make the male and the female into one being,
together as one life --- then there is heaven...

When you fashion an eye in the place of the eyes;
When the hands hold together as one hand;
When a likeness bonds with a likeness
--- then will you enter the paradise of love everlasting...

We came from the radiant,
the place where the glowing came into being on its own accord.

Our inception rooted itself and became revealed
through the likeness of an angel...
We are these very children. 

We are movement and repose.
We are the 4th light 

- We are the 4th coordinate.
Light produces light 

---- and life produces life......

FIFTEEN MINUTES OF MAGIC - Re-membering Your Power

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Re-membering Your Power

27 March, 2015

Greetings dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Energy Waves

I am here this day to share with you what is happening on this magical planet of yours. You are changing everything every moment and it is so magical to see. As we have mentioned, all of this comes in a wave that also recedes. Many of your difficulties occur on the wave of the energy as it comes in. Fortunately it never recedes completely like the oceans do, but somehow always manages to go a little further every time the waves come in. This is part of the new physics that will begin to make sense as you start to understand what dark energy is all about. You are right on the verge of uncovering more of your understanding about the world around you, and all of its many dimensional levels. Dear ones, there are some magical things taking place on Earth.

The Energy of the Water

We have mentioned before that there are many of what you call sink holes happening on Earth. All of a sudden, the Earth literally opens up.. The other day we saw two people get off of a bus and fall right through the sidewalk. Interesting. What causes this? Well, it is a phenomenon that is happening globally because it has to do with the currents and the energies of the water beneath the surface of planet Earth. You are going to see more of these and they also move in these waves, dear ones. That is the magic that we share with you here. When you learn about the waves and you can feel them, you do not need to know exactly when they are coming in or how to be in the best position for their arrival. You will simply start to feel the energy, and that is what you are experiencing on Earth right now.

Over the next several months you will feel a new energy, and a lot of it comes from the movements underneath the Earth. Water, dear ones, is a form of energy all its own. As you can tell, water can be transformed from one form to another but never completely goes away. In truth, the water you are drinking is the same water that the dinosaurs drank eons ago. In fact, it actually circulates through the universe in different ways and that is magical too. You will start to understand more of your own origins here on planet Earth as humanity evolves to these next steps. We are telling you all of this because the magnetism of Earth has reached a level where you will resonate with it. You will feel the magic come back.

Solar Update

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