Saturday, June 27, 2015

True Intimacy

True Intimacy

Story Waters

When human it is only when you are willing to stand alone that you will ever truly unconditionally love another. As long as you need someone such that you cannot let them go, such that you could not have them leave you even if they wanted to, then you do not unconditionally love. To love is to free.

To love someone unconditionally is to wish them to be free. It is to wish them the experience of ‘whatever they wish to experience’. When you are allowing this profound feeling inside yourself and you meet someone willing to love you in that way (where you love each other to be free), then this is the moment of connection and intimacy where you feel the infinite potential of joy to be shared.

When human you will tend to feel there are such limits. Intimacy is a powerful route to the realization that your freedom is only limited by your imagination and your will to experience it outwardly. It is to realize the freedom to just be yourself and to let go of the games and drama that is so often played in society. Only when you personally let those games go will you meet the people that don’t play those games. You have to step out of the fears / ruts / compromises / imprints and say I am willing to stand alone. When you are willing to stand alone in who you are then you are stood in the realization of sovereignty, and trust me when I tell you that is where you want to be my friend - not to imply an absolute truth, but because otherwise you would not be here reading these words.

A foundation in sovereignty is one of the greatest qualities to look for in a lover if you wish to meet in this intimacy of which I speak. For when two beings meet in love and sovereignty there is the greatest potential for union, creation and discovery. It is those that are willing to stand alone that have the greatest meetings within love. When two sovereign beings come together, even if they are still carrying wounds, if they have come to unconditional love and the desire for freedom, then there is an opportunity to take one of the greatest of journeys that human reality has to offer.

The basis of this journey into intimacy is one of flow and communication. Having lived different lives, each person comes to a relationship with a different framework through which they interpret the world. Intimacy is a decision to connect across those frameworks to the point where the frameworks fall away and you truly see each other. This can only be done through the vulnerability of communication and the sharing this inner self. How willing are you to open your entire inner world to another? You answer to this question is the same as the answer to ... How willing are you to experience the unknown?

Magical Senses

Magical Senses

by Story Waters -

When human realize that much of what you feel as being impulse, volition and intuition is, in fact, you tapping into the feeling of your future self. Realize that, as you start to see through the illusion of linear time, so you will come to experience more of what you have been, and more of what you will be, all within the present. This is to say that you will come to experience more of All That You Are in the conscious now moment.

Realize that much of what you intuit is going to happen is, literally, a looking into the future through the loosening of the belief in linear time into fluid time. As you come to see how you are creating your reality, so you connect into being the wider self within you from which you create, instead of experiencing yourself as what you create. The closer you move to being All That You Are, the more you will start to experience its state of timelessness and non-definition. This will appear as the opening of your inner senses, those senses which are currently labeled as psychic.

Realize that, as real as these powers are, they are subject to your own belief system and that of the mass. This includes the use of your inner senses to prove to others that the inner senses exist. To tell someone of your inner experience, no matter how emphatic and persuasive you are, always gives them the freewill option to not believe you; to think that you are deluded or confused. The level of proof available for any phenomena is proportional to the allowance of the mass belief system for it. As the world comes to believe, so more proof will become available. Realize that this is purely referring to external consensus proof. Your inner senses can tell you anything, with a knowing beyond external proof, with that level of knowing being determined by the validity that you give to your inner senses. To learn to trust your inner senses is to learn to trust yourself.

Know your inner senses will grow as you come to both use and trust in them. Expand your being through inner feeling, not external proof, and you will embark on your own personal magical journey; a journey that will lead you to your magical self. The allowance of magic is the allowance of experience, which is currently beyond your understanding, into your state of being. Know yourself as being magical and you will know magic within your reality.

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