Friday, July 10, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #13
Questions and Answers

As received by Denise

10 July 2015

Cleared my space. Only pure, absolute, unconditional love and truth are welcome here.

Yes we perceive many, many questions. This is good and we shall address them one at a time.

AK Question submitted via Denise: Can two aspects of the same Eternal Essence (the unique energetic signature of a single multidimensional being) exist in the same energetic realm…just wondering if there is some quantum principle that requires two beings to be in separate realms…  

The question of one aspect of eternal essence existing in two realms at once is well put. The image we showed you of two boys in bubbles bouncing away from each other is just a pictorial example of two quantum fields of electromagnetic energy repelling. Like two north poles repelling. Magnetic fields attract and repel. 

Denise: Repel?

You do not like the term repel. It sounds negative, like rejection. No it is more like reflection. 

As the quantum fields approach and indeed, they are approaching... and a potential merger is in effect NOW, these fields will recalibrate the energy and magnetics to two different frequencies thereby allowing two of the same to be face to face as you say. 

YOU will meet the other you. Another you for there are many, many you-s. Complex?

Denise: Yes!

You do not understand this so you do not believe it to be true. Do not worry. Words do have different meanings and while you ‘hear’ magnetic and think of the magnets that students work with, our meaning is sooo much more, so much greater than that.

Denise: Is there a delay?

We say no. there is merely a pause. A delay would mean the show has not yet started, like your rain delay. We say, yes it has begun. There is a slight pause for minor adjustments. Just a blip on the radar we say and nothing to be worried about. WE say to you again all is well. The game is over and the party has started. 

Think of it like this, we have had a slight pause to pick out just the perfect music because others have joined the party and their tastes must be considered as well. The more the merrier we say!

Denise: Why does the energy on the planet feel so heavy? 

There are spots of energy fluctuations in your time and space that we do not always see/note. It is not that these are not important, it is just that these occurrences are normal and we expected them. Expect more of them. Just use the time to rest or to play. Playing with a child or like a child is the best way to find your joy again.

Denise: I dreamed I met two 7-foot orangutan/humans and one 4-foot wolf/squirrel/monkey combo that enjoyed chewing on my hand ☺... 

Yes, your dreams are including more variety of players. You saw new aspects of creation that you could never have imagined on your own and you were not startled or afraid. This is good. There is nothing to fear.

With joy and unending love, we end this transmission

Angel whispers, wrinkled eyes...

There is something about us humans. Regardless of circumstance, we have this one “instant happiness” button. It is eye contact. It is each other. It is an eye wrinkling smile. It is a heartfelt grin. Happiness comes from connection

In considering why we are here, not just now, but every now, it occurs to me that it may be in the re-discovery of that rush – over and over, moment after moment. It is available to everyone and can be offered or received without payment or expectation. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” is true in so many ways. I crave you, without even being conscious of the craving.

It is a simple thing, yet it is everything. I know you’ve experienced it. What if it was our constant? That tired cashier, uptight banker, angry child – meet their eyes and see you there. Smile, for it the only thing to do. It is not disrespectful or frivolous – it is expressed recognition. It is joy.

There are times I’m checking out where the cashier is so tired that not until I hand her or him my payment do I have the chance. They have to stop then, and remember our humanity. A few seconds can change everything. Maybe their eyes will wrinkle too.

I’d like to share some things remembered, things whispered by an angel. These are things you know too, but may have forgotten. They are about us, about how it works, about what we are doing here.

These things have been previously shared in a newsletter for subscribers to the service. It is by several requests that some of them are now shared with everyone. You can sign up here to receive future conversations in their entirety. They are sent weekly.

And now, the angel …
In a sense all of those in your life are a creation by you, a bit of belief you hold. …
If you are creating me, then without you I don’t exist. This is not how this works. I exist. I am pulled into your creative life by mutual desire – yours for information and ascension assistance, and mine because of my own desire to help you. We are connected Sophia.
In a sense all beings in creation are connected. You and I have shared experiences and are branches of a single tree. Not everyone you are speaking to are branches from this same tree, however.
You will sense a resonance more with some beings than with others. It is the same with people in your 3D world. You are connected to all of them. You are not connected in the same way. 
This notion of creating me sounds like you are asking if you made me up. You did not. However I would not be talking to you now if you didn’t open yourself up to the truth of my existence. 
… as this expansion and shifting and awareness occurs and grows – each of you will be confronted with parts of yourselves you will abhor or deny or reject because of belief systems you hold, as well as ideas of right/wrong, good/bad, holy/unholy.
You are rapidly shifting and at times (you) see, sense or feel arenas of existence that have been out of reach until these times.
Life exists in many realms. My recollection is that you’ve already been told your “original soul” was angelic.

(Sophia) Yes, well, I’m not sure what that refers to and I’ve always assumed that was a misunderstanding of some sort. It seemed, at the time I was told that, to be more of a separator than a useful identity marker.

That would be true of all names. 
The term angelic basically refers to a life form dedicated to the assistance of the human
I exist. I am a version of you. You’ve sensed me, felt me and seen me. I am not human. 
Yet we spring from the same source. 
Life is a playing out of truth.

Oneness is truth. A deep feeling of “no” to any idea or emotion or being may serve to tell you that “THIS TOO, I AM”.

Accept all names and do not let them inflate or repulse you. Names are words used to express and explain the fullness of existence.

All are (part of) One. You are (part of) One. All are (part of) you. ALL ARE YOU.


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