Wednesday, January 6, 2016

As we shift - Fond Farewells & Open Arms

Our path could be called circular.  As we watch ourselves, again and again, repeat habits to satisfy addictions.  These are not addictions of the substance, but of the personality.  We are no longer fed by these addictions; this kind of attention isn’t working for us today.

Your ego is not running the show now.  You’ve progressed such a long way and are right now transforming. You must feel this.  It is your habit, your pattern of self-destruction that feels strange now.  This is a result of your ongoing evolution.

You recognize that life offers what it does and your entry into life is not so much a decision but a choice.  You are always in life – what form that life takes is the choice.

The form you are currently using is riding between old habits and new desires.  Your struggle is now how to support the new, (which is your deepest wish), with different habits.  These things are not what you’ve been taught by your predecessors or by society or family.  You will have to seek out these things and pursue them and fight your inner resistance.  It is not a resistance because these things are wrong or bad for you – but resistance because you are not fully formed as a new human. You have formed the idea of that new human in your mind, not so much in your everyday.  There is a division within and you cannot remain divided in these new energies.

Your pattern is to move ahead with strength and power and then find a reason to step into that or to fall back into habits of addiction.  Realize that you get something from this addiction – it has served you in the past.  It does not now serve you.  You will have to change.

Despite your wish to be magically transformed with a wiggle of your nose or your magic wand or the intense solar energies – it does not work that way.  This is a physical life we embody.  It requires a physical response.
These responses might originate “outside” of us, as in physical symptoms, energy influxes, other people or new stages of growth – yet they are not an “outside of us” thing.  There is no “out there”, “out there”.

It’s all you, all the time.  Whatever discrepancy is peeking out into your life right now – you are the only one who is able to decipher its meaning.  What must follow for resolution to occur is a decision.  What choice will you make now?

To fall back on habits and patterns of response will no longer satisfy you.  Instead, what will fill you is something else.  Now here is the thing.  None of these are new ideas.  They are newly applied and as such will feel different to us.  This is 2016 and the energy is ripe for transformation.

You will not be told how to do this.  As the blueprint for the mighty oak is found in its tiny seed – your plan resides within.  You will not “take on” the attributes of an enlightened one; you will emerge fully formed. All that is necessary, you hold in your heart.

So you will navigate these twists and turns with your inner GPS, not the one offered by society or any place familiar.  This is a solo journey.

What’s always true is your direction.  You are heading towards the place you have longed for.  You are heading home; not alone, and not broken, with every part intact.  There are parts you’ll leave unused and others brand new you’ll need to explore.

You see this is a physical journey and this part of you will not be denied.  The physical you is along for this ride and must be as ready as the rest of you. It’s all you, all the time. 

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.


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