Saturday, January 30, 2016

As We Shift - Throw Your Hands Up

So, anybody notice any of these things?

-       Dizziness
-       Headache
-       Stomach pain
-       Waking up several times a night
-       Extreme tiredness and/or fatigue
-       Sudden appearance/disappearance of odd physical symptoms

We’ve been on this ride for a while; recently it’s sped up and is now crawling uphill.  This shift in frequency is gradual and all at once.  Those of us who are “early adaptors” may have felt these things for a while.  If you haven’t yet, no worries, now you know what you have to look forward to!

Each of these symptoms appears also as a sign of what we’ve come to label the common cold or an ear infection or anxiety or stress or stomach flu.  What happens when they show up now is that the usual meds and treatments aren’t working.  They seem to appear and disappear at will.

Here’s the good news: this won’t last.  Here’s the not so good news: none of us can predict how long this part continues.  Here’s the great news: once we acclimate, it’s all downhill and what’s waiting for us is beyond our wildest dreams.  In a good way.

This is more like free falling than a roller coaster, yet the imagery for that ride works.  Those who enjoy coasters the most relax and settle in once they are seated.  They appear as we see pictured here – letting go and grinning; trusting and embracing this ride of their lives.  This is one brief moment only, and one we all came to share.

Our planet is moving into another frequency.  If I have this right, all of us on her (or in her) are making a choice right now.  That choice determines which frequency we’ll end up at once the move is complete.

I like the term “assumption” for what is frequently labelled “dimension”.  We now rest in an assumption of what we’ve come to call third. Many of us reading this blog are intentionally moving towards a 4/5 assumption. Not all on the planet now will choose to assume a different frequency.  It’s all right and perfect.

We can make this choice up until the moment when our planet’s move is completed.  There will be an actual moment when it’s done.  We cannot choose for another, predict for another or bring another with us against their will.  We all choose alone.

When these symptoms are explained as by-products of this exceptional journey we are taking together, they become easier to bear. Smile, throw your hands in the air and enjoy the scenery.  You’ll never see it just this way again and you’ll want to remember every inch of this ride.  It’s why you came!  We are almost there!
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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