Monday, January 25, 2016

As We Shift - Time to call "Bullshit"

One month after its release, on this past weekend, I attended “The Big Short” film.  It was being aired at a single time slot at our local theater.  You had to search if you wanted to view it.  In other words, you had to know about it.  In case you don’t, the trailer can be found here. Timely and powerful, the film offers an inside view of what happened when the housing market crashed 8 years ago.

It explains why it crashed, and ends with a single sentence.  This line tells us that the same set up is happening again, in 2015.  The bankers have renamed an instrument that will glean them huge amounts of money.  To what end? I would rather not find out.

In 2008 no one was held accountable and the banks were bailed out.  Eight million of us lost our homes here in the USA.

In April/May of this year “Money Monster” is being released.  It too exposes the manipulation on Wall Street, this time of stocks.  Watch that trailer here.

Hollywood films elucidate the fact that humanity does not consent to the global criminal money/debt slavery run by the controllers who “speak for” the planet.

Today, there are various alliances with these criminals which ONLY SERVE TO PERPETUATE THE CRIME.  Period.

For years I’ve repeated the Hopi phrase, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.  It’s true, it’s up to us.  Yet the playing field must be even.  Today, it is not.

There are beings who can make it so.  Why aren’t they?

Here’s what “making it even” looks like:

-       No “controllers/owners/criminal cabal”
-       No debt (Babylonian money magic)
-       Free Energy
-       Food replicators
-       Healing and rejuvenation modalities/methods/tech

With vitality, sustenance, homes and an ability to prosper – we have a chance to fulfill the Hopi prophecy. 

Demand disclosure.  Those holding onto their “necessary negotiations” are stalling for self, don’t be fooled.  Humans can turn “on a dime”.  We do not need more “time” to adjust.  Adjust to what? Health? Prosperity? Freedom? Happiness? Most of us think we have it better than someone else, and are only too willing to share.  My favorite lines from “Money Monster” are:

“We’re human beings. We’re not computers. We have a conscience.”


Call bullshit on all reasons to delay disclosure. 

Demand disclosure now.  Demand a “data dump” now. Do it with your intent.  Do this in your meditations.  Support whistle blowers with cash if you have it.  You know those blogs and sites and films that share truth?  Give to them what you can so that others will see them as well; so that they can keep doing what they do.

Remember how creation works – it’s fueled with feeling, it expands with conversation, it grows with thought, it manifests with action.

Use your words, your face book posts, your email and your power to spread the truth.

Our collective voice is shouting and it does not consent.  To those in negotiation with “the hidden hand” – Listen.  Humanity will only get louder.  You can no longer excuse your actions because we were not heard from.  Hear us and know that we are not defined by our response to slavery and not represented by the controllers.  WE WILL BE DEFINED BY OUR COLLECTIVE HEART.

There is a reason we are the occupants of this beautiful planet.  With a fair shot at negotiating for her, we will demonstrate that reason.

These words are not written with idealism.  Ours is not a simple task, yet it is one we willingly take on.  It is no longer possible for any of us to evade responsibility.  Let each of us take on a course of action that propels the whole of us.

For those off and in planet – we need help.  It is time for the criminals in power to be held accountable for their actions.  If you continue to deal with them for trade and control, you aid in this crime against an entire race.  It is time for their removal.  Deal with us.

We are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

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