Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As we Shift - Being the Observer

So what does it mean to shift to 4D or another dimension or a Golden Age?  What does it look like here, now, on a frigid, quiet Midwestern US afternoon to an average human in 2016? Here’s what is noticed and considered.  Perhaps it’ll resonate for you as well.  Please share your own noticing’s.  We are associative beings.  In this way, we can help each other.

There have been moments when I’ve watched myself.  It’s as if full emotional engagement is no longer a guarantee.  I can play a game, lead a children’s group, or carry on a conversation without all of me being there; yet fully cognizant of the entire event. This could be really disturbing if I didn’t believe it was a sign of something wonderful.  Somehow I’m becoming the observer; the observer of my life – while living it.

Things are getting weird.  I can hardly look at anything without seeing the bigger picture.  As I become more removed from this vibration it is all seen more clearly.  This sensation is felt as a separate energy; unrelated to whatever is currently happening.  This is the start of multi-dimensional living.

It will come in real handy as we enter what by most reports looks to be a tumultuous time.  We are at the end and at the beginning.  Two such extremes can’t help but collide when they simultaneously appear.

It is cold and clear outside.  A white sheet of snow covers all the untouched places. Cars move their occupants towards their usual destinations.  Schools, grocery stores, movie houses, coffee shops, hospitals and houses pretend it’s all the same.  Yet a massive influx of energy embraces all of us without exception. On some level, every beast and being is aware of this. This “Peach Tranquility” tea does not live up to its name.  My insides roll and broil and wonder; “What’s real anyway?”

I suspect it’s all real.  Each fiber in the tapestry contributes to the cloth.  I can’t be multi-dimensional without a beginning “dimension”.  I must start someplace (at least it seems I must).  I AM HERE NOW.

Each is here for their own reasons; he chose earth and she chose now.  We will participate in this transformation as we create it.  We are at the cool part now – remember.  We came for this.

As we move there is a oneness observed and our individual parts start to stick out.  We’ve played them beautifully, and Gaia’s Ascension Machine is humming along brilliantly. Some of us were big hits several years ago, when the crank was really stuck and needed enormous effort while it moved almost imperceptibly.  Some of us showed up in between like shooting stars, illuminating things from time to time so that more of us could see what was happening. The rest of us continue to explore and elucidate and share and morph and grow and sometimes pull back a bit, keeping the momentum and flow going ever towards what we all intended and never stopped believing in. All of this is perfectly synchronized.

It’s going to be all right you know.  We’ve chosen the happy ending.  Let’s not forget that.  The bigger picture is a world transformed, a golden age and an era of unconditional love.  It’ll help to hold that image in your pocket as we proceed.  It’s moving quickly now.  Touchstones will keep us grounded.

You will be asked to light the way.  You’ll know where the switch is and when to turn it on.  You are a beacon of light.  Shine. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

PS – What’s changed for me in the last year is this influx of non-humans reaching out regularly (empathically).  Conversations are shared via my newsletter, sign up here!

I chose today’s song because, well, it pulls up my heart and squeezes the tears out when I hear it. Its love that we are headed towards and love that will get us there and love that regenerates.  It’s all about love.  It’s really all we need to remember. How cool is that? 
Just be love.  You’ve got this.

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